Master of Elements 1.1 for iOS

[] Jersey City, New Jersey – Enter9 is pleased to announce that Master of Elements 1.1 and Master of Elements HD 1.1 for iOS has been approved for release in all regions. Master of Elements is a puzzle game that blends the classic match 3 gameplay with element magic.

The game is divided into game rounds. Each round has a fixed number of moves. The game screen comprises rows of orbs, some of which are magical and contain element energy. The player makes a move by strategically removing one of the orbs and causing the ones above it to fall. If a falling orb impacts another of the same color, the impact starts a reaction that eliminates all adjacent orbs of that color. The reaction also releases the element energy stored inside any magical orbs affected.

Chaining of reactions is possible as long as orbs are still falling on the screen. The two main goals in the game are achieving the highest score for a game round, and obtaining the longest reaction chain for a move. The player can choose to specialize in any of the four schools of element magic for faster rank advancement. Switching specialization can be done at any time to balance skill development.

Master of Elements 1.1 improves upon previous versions by providing players the ability to customize the magic wand with powerful gems. The game also comes with much improved user interface, dazzling graphics for retina display, as well as engaging music and sound effects. These new features, along with the introduction of new magic powers and power-ups, makes Master of Elements an even more engaging experience.

Features Highlights:
* Rise from lowly novice to grandmaster in each of the four schools of magic
* Collect gems and precious fragments in game
* Customize the magic wand with powerful gems
* Earn Game Center achievements as you play
* Retina Display and iPhone 5 widescreen support
* Listen to the game’s soundtracks or keep your favorite music on

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad (HD version) or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 5.0 for later
* 28.2 MB (46.5 MB for the HD version)

Pricing and Availability:
Master of Elements 1.1 and Master of Elements HD 1.1 are both $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and are available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games Category.Master of Elements
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