Mango Animate’s Whiteboard Animation Software Is in the Final Stage of Testing

Being downloaded and used by millions of users worldwide, covering designers, advertisers, SME owners, teachers as well, Mango Animation Maker is a mature software program that enables users to create explainer animation videos with ease.

Mango Animate team has encouraged by the success of Mango Animation Maker and continued to exert the whiteboard animation software (, named Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker, Mango WM for short. It takes great pride in helping users create engaging whiteboard animation videos that draw the audience’s attention, keep them engaged throughout the video, and successfully convey the messages.

The magic of this whiteboard animation software is that it integrates all the resources and features one needs for a captivating whiteboard video. Mango WM provides users with multiple choices of hand types and gestures as dynamic hand movements keep the audience followed closely to see what will happen next. Also available are the numerous pre-built backgrounds used as hand-drawn canvas, a huge library of royalty-free media objects, lively animation and transition effects, powerful voice-over and subtitle options, and a multi-track timeline taking control over all the details. Mango WM, the whiteboard animation software, simplifies the process of making whiteboard videos and makes it more enjoyable.

“This whiteboard animation software is meant to ensure users a hassle-free whiteboard video creation process. Mango WM is designed to do all the hard work for users so they can focus more on the content itself. It’s easy to use with pre-made templates and fully customizable as it allows users to upload their own materials from local computers”, says Selena Lee, Chief Designer of Mango Animate.

Mango WM is a customer-focused whiteboard animation software program that is easy to use for any level of technical expertise. It will be available shortly and all users will be welcome to download and use for free when it comes out.

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About Mango Animate
Mango Animate is a resource-rich animation website with four unique animation makers, providing custom animation video solutions for users. Mango WM is the second software to release this year and it focuses on making whiteboard animation videos.

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