Mango Animate WM Positions Itself as an Excellent Sketch Video Maker

Sketch videos are a fun and entertaining way to catch the attention of target audiences. Once they’re paying attention, a sketch video is perfect for presenting a message in a professional way without boring viewers. It’s also an inexpensive method of passing on information. The Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker (Mango Animate WM) is ideal for use as a sketch video maker ( for several reasons.

A sketch video loses its effect if there are no hands to draw the information. Mango Animate WM boasts a variety of hand and pen types that can be used to create appealing sketch videos. Users can also import images of their hands and other custom hands to the sketch video maker. Any object can be used as the drawing tool, giving users the opportunity to be creative in making their videos. For example, images of animal paws can be used to appeal to animal lovers, or scientific instruments can be used to demonstrate a science lesson.

This sketch video maker also features a hand drawing effect. When added to any image, the image appears on the whiteboard as a black and white outline that is then filled in by the drawing instrument, giving the impression of the image being drawn as viewers watch. There are numerous other effects and animations available within the sketch video maker to make videos more engaging, including interesting entrance and exit effects, stage effects, and camera effects.

Users can make use of various multimedia elements in their sketch videos. Mango Animate WM, the sketch video maker offers a large library of media items and users can also import from their local computers. The image editor lets users customize colors, add filters, crop, rotate, and flip images right in the editor while the audio editor lets them fine-tune uploaded audio files for the perfect sound.

“The Mango Animate WM can be used for numerous applications,” says Selena Lee, Chief Designer of Mango Animate. “As a sketch video maker, though, it’s superb.”

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About Mango Animate
Mango Animate is a leading provider of animation video software. They offer several types of animated video makers that can be used for various purposes across industries. The Mango Animate WM is the latest in its line of products.

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