Mango Animate Strategically Designs Animated Videos for Marketing Purposes

 Clever and strategically designed animated videos ( are becoming an effective tool to get the attention of prospective consumers. However, many people who have little knowledge about making animated videos or start-ups who cannot afford to hire experts are not in a position to exploit this marketing tool for their benefits. Mango Animation Maker is trying to fill this gap by building a simple software that is accessible and affordable even for SMEs and start-ups.

“Since we are committed to developing an intuitive tool that anyone would be able to use, we have developed one-of-its-kind software which is simple to operate, yet rich in feature. People with little or no experience in animations will be able to make a professional animated video as per their needs,” Ivan Leung said, CTO of Mango Animate.

Mango Animation Maker is packed with a huge collection of features, equipped to produce a high-quality animated video in a matter of minutes. Provided with all kinds of pre-set templates, a huge stock of media assets, over 40 types of character roles, users only need to drag and drop elements on the blank canvas or the selected template. Then add animation effects to make them lively, record a voiceover and insert subtitles to make them seem more professional.

Mango Animation Maker comes in three versions: free, professional, and enterprise. Users with different purposes and needs will find their animation video marketing solutions here. The free version is suitable for those who are interested in making animated videos as a hobby. The professional version is loaded with more features and resources to make a professional animated video, and it can remove the watermark when publishing. While Enterprise users are given access to all the resources, templates, assets, and more. Besides, they can customize watermark for their brands and add up to 10 users to the account for free.

Mango Animation Maker is more cost-effective and affordable than any other animation software in the market. The professional version is priced at $99 and the enterprise version $299. What’s most favorable to users is they only need to pay once and get the lifetime license to these resources.

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About Mango Animate
Mango Animate deals in the development of animated video software that can be used by both individuals and businesses to create interactive business videos, 2D character animation videos, whiteboard animation videos, and animated explainer videos.

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