Major upgrade to the world’s best DVD ripper – Mac DVDRipper Pro

[] Newark, Delaware – DVDSuki Software Inc has released Mac DVDRipper Pro 4, a major new upgrade to the world’s best and easiest-to-use DVD ripping software. Already popular for its intuitive, unfussy controls, the refreshed MDRP boasts an overhauled user interface and a slate of user-requested features, including the option to batch-rip multiple titles.

Whereas most other DVD ripping software forces users to twiddle with hundreds of configurable options, Mac DVDRipper Pro keeps it simple: speedy, high-quality rips, with great video and audio, and settings that anyone can understand. Want to back-up a complete DVD? It takes just one click. Rip a movie for viewing on your iPhone? That’s the Rip and Convert setting – it takes two clicks. Users can also rip complete disc images, the DVD’s main movie (without special features), or use Mac DVDRipper Pro to burn identical back-up DVDs.

New features in Mac DVDRipper Pro 4.0:

Improved user interface:
Mac DVDRipper Pro has an elegant new look. It’s Retina-ready, with the same focus on clear and simple controls. Even complicated DVD projects are easy: use MDRP’s integrated Movie Player to choose your preferred video or audio tracks.

Batch support:
With just a few clicks, set up a queue of multiple rips. You can leave Mac DVDRipper Pro to quietly and speedily do its thing: make a disc image, rip for iOS devices and prepare to burn a duplicate copy.

Pause and resume rips:
Users can now pause rips mid-conversion, resuming the project at a later time.

Improved audio configurations:
Our upgraded Rip and Convert option – which optimizes a movie rip for devices like the iPhone or Apple TV – can now incorporate up to two audio tracks. Save a full movie – and its commentary track – to your iPad.

“Mac DVDRipper Pro 4 isn’t just the best DVD ripper on the market – it’s the greatest bargain,” said DVDSuki Software’s founder. “It’s perfect for everyday users but packed full of professional-grade conversion algorithms.”

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
* DVD drive
* 45 MB free

Pricing and Availability:
Try Mac DVDRipper Pro 4 for Free by downloading at its official website. The full retail version is $24.95 (USD).Mac DVDRipper Pro 4
Download Mac DVDRipper Pro
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Founded in 2009, DVDSuki Software Inc works hard to make the world’s best DVD processing software. Mac DVDRipper Pro 4 is the clever younger brother to earlier DVD products like Fairmount and Mac the Ripper, which do not work on modern Macs. Copyright (C) 2012 DVDSuki Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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