Magnet Boy is set to attract mobile game lovers from every genre on iOS

[] Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – Mongol Content, a burgeoning applications developer and mobile solutions guru, today enthusiastically announced the upcoming launch of their newest gaming title – Magnet Boy – onto the App Store. Set to be available for all iOS devices, Magnet Boy brings mobile players a completely fresh experience that blends together arcade action, platforming fun, and puzzle gaming elements! The challenge here is to go from level to level gathering up robot parts while using momentum and the laws of magnetics to maneuver around obstacles and complete stages as quickly as possible! Keep your eyes peeled as Magnet Boy with be hitting the App Store for free in the Games category soon!

Showcasing smooth, highly dynamic gameplay, this adventure throws players into the shoes of Magnet Boy and it’s their job to gather up robot parts in order to rebuild the broken robots they belong to! It’s up to you to scavenge every part of every robot and you’ll need to use precision, quick thinking, and impeccable timing if you hope to succeed! Players control magnet boy by shooting him forward via classic “point & pull” controls, aiming him just the right way to hit and pick up robot parts, and blaze a path through each new challenge! You’ll have to compensate for gravity, switch his charge mid flight to avoid or attract to other magnets, and think deeply about every move to avoid certain disaster.

Magnet Boy is a well rounded mobile game to say the least. In addition to the original 20 stage level pack gamers can easily unlock 3 more level packs instantly via in-app purchase too. To boot, since every level features 3 star rating system the motivation to play isn’t simply just to win, but to win as well as you can! With enough refreshing twists to keep you entertained for hours on end, intuitive gameplay and controls, and vibrant graphics, this is one game that’s set to dominate you on the go gaming scene for the near future. Get ready to get charged up and jump into your next mobile guilty pleasure with Magnet Boy on the App Store later this month!Magnet Boy
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