MacXDVD Urges Importance of Backup with Big World Backup Day Giveaway

[] Chengdu, China – MacXDVD Software, the easiest iOS data backup solution provider, is counting down to World Backup Day with free license codes of the professional iPhone backup tool – MacX MediaTrans to help iDevices users back up data and make sure their files are safe in a way far easier than iTunes.

Data backup never comes to people’s mind until it’s too late. World Backup Day (March 31) is such a day to remind people all the times they end up losing all their irreplaceable data. “Always create a backup of important data.” Under this motto, MacXDVD Software is offering free copies of its one-click iPhone data manager – MacX MediaTrans for 20 days.

Wait no more. Grab free license copies and win Apple’s AirPod before April 10, 2019, at MacX World Backup Day Giveaway Page.

There are two kinds of iPhone users: those who have lost data, and those who will. According to, 113 phones get stolen or lost per minute, but unfortunately, 30% of users never back up. Without a proper backup, all the one-of-a-kind family moments, travel recordings and other precious data on the iPhone can become “none-of-a-kind”. The World Backup Day – celebrated on March 31, reminds people not to be an April fool.

However, it’s revealed that most of iOS “backup refuseniks” are daunted by the complicated backup routine using iTunes. Even when some use Apple’s official method, many are nagged by various backup & sync issues, wired error codes as well as data loss. Throwing its full support behind the World Backup Day, MacXDVD Software is offering free copies of a no-brainer iOS backup solution – MacX MediaTrans to help Apple users recognize the need for data backup and take actions.

An Easier and Comprehensive Backup Strategy:
MacX MediaTrans is an easier-than-iTunes iPhone manager that is friendly to the hoi-polloi, the tech-savvy and the newbie; parents, friends, and coworkers. The one-click iPhone backup solution removes the restrictions and possible errors using iTunes, making iDevices users’ data backup experience better, smarter, faster and most importantly, trouble-free. In honor of World Backup Day, MacXDVD would like to emphasis highlights of its iPhone data backup and recovery solution:

* Security – With an advanced algorithm and synchronization core, it will back up iPhone live/HDR/HIEC photos, music & playlists, 4k HEVC recordings, ebooks, Voice memos, Podcasts, and other media smoothly without data loss or sync errors. High-grade encryption methods such as AES 256 and RSA techs are applied to safeguard the backups from unauthorized access. Users are entitled to full control over their data.

* Flexibility – It’s easy to backup iPhone to Macs, PCs or other external hard drives without limits. Users can save iPhone data to any new computer freely without erasing the existing iPhone library. The two-way synchronization allows convenient data restore in case any unexpected issue happens. Add photos, music, videos, etc. (no limits on the number or audio/video formats) from computer to iPhone by drag and drop. It requires no Apple ID or further settings.

* Speed – When data backup is time-consuming using iTunes and gets stuck at its worst, MacX MediaTrans proves to be a lightning-fast solution, especially for large library saved on 128/256GB iPhone models. Depending on the data size, users can realize speed improvements over iTunes ranging from 5x to 10x faster. A quick example, it needs 3s only for backing up 20 songs.

Pricing and Availability :
MacX MediaTrans, normally priced at $59.95 (USD), is Free for all participators now in celebration of the World Backup Day. All users also stand a chance to win Apple’s AirPod by entering a valid email address. Check the details of at MacX World Backup Day Giveaway.MacX World Backup Day Giveaway
MacX MediaTrans

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