MacMate takes on Google, Dropbox and Microsoft with MacMate Disk

[] Bodmin, United Kingdom – MacMate already provides the easiest way to host iWeb sites and a great iDisk replacement with its cloud disk service. As a viable alternative for many users looking at cloud-disk services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s SkyDrive services, MacMate delivers an easier, simpler, yet powerful solution with more and more added features.

Calendars – Host and Share:
The MacMate team have aimed to address two issues here; iCloud calendar hosting only works for new operating systems, leaving previous version of Mac OS X (up to 10.6) with no way to host and share their calendars between devices; Additionally, calendar sharing is also addressed, so that now any calendar can be shared on a read only, write and “free slots” basis to any other MacMate user – particularly useful for sharing calendars at the same domain within a business, but also sharing between friends and family. The services works with iCal, on iPhone/iPad, via a browser webmail interface and on any other standard CalDav client on Windows, Android and Linux platforms. Calendars is included with every MacMate email address and is as simple to setup as entering your email address and password. MacMate’s website invite its users to “Make a date with calendars.”

Increased Storage – Now Massive 25gig:
MacMate “Pro” – essentially the previous version of MacMate – has been upgraded to 25gig of online storage as standard with new Gallery themes and a completely re-engineered web-based control interface making it even easier to manage. The new MacMate Control interface simplifies everything including single click hosting and domain control and support for its imminent true multi-site support (MacMate already supports multiple sites in the way MobileMe did but will have the ability to create completely separate sites at separate domains at an extra small nominal fee per site).

The 3 Amigos – MacMate Now Comes In Three Spicy Flavours:
MacMate Disk at just $39.00 USD per year featuring 5gig of online cloud storage, 1x email with domain support and unlimited calendar hosting. This entry level is aimed directly at the Google Drive and iCloud users, offering a great entry level price for cloud storage, domain-based email and calendars. This makes MacMate Disk one of the most cost effective ways to get powerful business-class email on your Mac and mobile devices, fast online backup and storage or portability of important files and, of course, the new calender feature. Businesses wanting to share calendars for example, could buy MacMate Disk, add their domain, add email accounts, share their calendars for just $15.00 each per year.

MacMate Classic at just $59.00 per year features double the storage at 10gig and galleries support – albeit with limited themes – perfect for that extra bit of storage and to start photo sharing and photo backups (images are stored full resolution, but served at lower resolutions on the fly).

Just 7 Simple Rules:
One of the important features of its cloud storage is that there is no complicated end user agreement or terms and conditions – just 7 simple rules. Other cloud storage services have come under fire from consumers for the lengthy, incomprehensible and intrusive licensing agreements, often handing over full ownership of data stored to the provider of the service. Gary Hall, CEO stated “No one is a fan of those endless scrolls of terms and conditions, no one reads them, no one understands them and certainly no one wants to agree to all of their ridiculous terms. So with MacMate we wanted to make the terms simple. Just 7 easy-to-understand statements defining the guidelines and our service for the user and from us as a company.”

With a brand new website, a brand new simplified support website and a free and powerful iOS app to boot – “MacMate now packs a massive punch and has defined itself as not just a MobileMe replacement but a MobileMe successor”, added Barry Rhodes, Lead Developer, “We’ve looked at every single part of the original MacMate, listened to what our customers wanted and have re-engineered it to be simpler, faster and better – including a new million dollar infrastructure across three data-centers on opposite sides of the world. Our team is working on continuous enhancements and new features.”

Demo versions are available free of charge, please email for a discount code to use.

About MacMate
MacMate is a new cloud service from the award-winning Mac-specialist ISP MacAce, based in the UK and US. Launched in April 2012 as an alternative to MobileMe, which was discontinued by Apple in June and replaced with iCloud. iCloud dropped features like hosting, iDisk, Calendars and support for older operating systems in favor of a more integrated approach to cloud services. MacMate sets the cloud free again. The talented MacMate development, design and engineering team is lead by Barry Rhodes.MacMate
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MacAce was established as the first Mac-only ISP in 1996 with an ardent determination to provide a full portfolio of internet services targeted specifically at Mac users. Back in ’96 support and help for Mac-users was non-existent until MacAce was born – fresh air for Mac users in the UK, and now the world over. Founded and led by CEO Gary Hall; a Mac user since before his teens and soon a leading Apple software and hardware engineer before pioneering MacAce in his twenties. Copyright (C) 2012 MacAce. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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