Mac Shutdown is the Modern macOS Application to Shutdown Your Mac

[] Milano, Italy – Tension Software is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Mac Shutdown 4.1, the modern macOS application to shutdown the Mac when unattended under different conditions.

Mac Shutdown is able to use ‘Soft Shutdown’ and ‘Hard Shutdown’ to shutdown your Mac. The ‘Soft Shutdown’ is issued at finder level and ask to all the running app to quit before shut down the Mac. The ‘Hard shutdown’ is issued at system level and offer a very low level of probability of having the shut down interrupted by an app refusing to quit.

The ‘Hard Shutdown’ feature from release 4 of Mac Shutdown, uses the latest Apple XPC technology (the recommended way now by Apple, secure and digitally signed, to escalate admin privileges) to provide admin right actions. It allows to shutdown your Mac in a secure way, just providing admin right one time only at installation.

From version 4 Mac Shutdown can now work also as a status menu only application, always available from the menu also when in background and without showing any window to just silently waiting in the background.

Mac Shutdown can provide what others tools can’t. Just an example: it can help a user start a download of big files over the net in the night and have the Mac automatically turned off when the download is finished.

Mac Shutdown is customizable using an easy to use setting setup panel (no coding or editing of script required). It’s small, fast, simple and reliable and now more stable then ever and fully complaint with the latest OS X 10.10 Yosemite and is fully optimized for use with OS X 10.13 High Sierra.

Mac Shutdown is fully customizable. The user can choose to shutdown the Mac:
* On a scheduled plan
* On a specific date and time
* When a generic file is removed or moved on your Hard Disk
* When a download is finished: using Safari using Firefox or Camino or Netscape using Speed Download
* At launch time to use it via Apple iCal
* When a keyword is found inside a continuously checked web wage
* Using the scheduled plan the user can set any repetitive interval, selecting a time and a day of the week or any day or any weekday and so on. With the ‘On date’ option the user can specify the preferred date and time.

The user can select to have the settings always enabled or to disable them after a shutdown … and more.

New in this release:
* Improved management of the Status Menu only functionality
* More commands in the status menu
* Improved layout
* Various optimization
* Various bug fix

System Requirements:
* macOS Version 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher
* Optimized for macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Pricing and Availability:
Mac Shutdown 4.1 is just $12.00 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively from the Tension Software website.Tension Software
Mac Shutdown 4.1
Direct Download Link

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