Mac Backup Guru for OS X: Simple and Trustworthy Bootable Back Up + Sync

[] Breckenridge, Colorado – MacDaddy today is pleased to announce Mac Backup Guru 1.0 for OS X, an update to its innovative utility designed to back up files and disks reliably and simply. Traditionally, backing up a disk required either cloning, trustworthy but time consuming, or standard syncing, fast but not foolproof. Mac Backup Guru offers the best of both methods, easily and quickly producing a backup disk that Mac owners can rely upon. With a single Start button, the user can perfectly sync the contents of any Source with its backup Destination.

Feature Highlights:
* Simple, reliable utility to back up folders or disks
* Disk backups of startup drives are bootable
* If there is any inconsistency in the size or modification date between any files, the Source file replaces the outdated Destination file
* Following the initial cloning, syncs take minutes instead of hours
* Operation is automatic, with just a single Start button

Disk backup via cloning requires that the entire contents of the Source overwrite the entire contents of the Destination drive. Disk backup via sync requires that only the changes since that last backup overwrite the appropriate part of the Destination drive. Backup via sync requires that the initial backup be cloned, but all subsequent backups can be synced. Syncing ignores the vast majority of files that are identical on the Source and Destination, and it concentrates on only those files that have been updated or added since the last sync. This intelligent backup method is comparable to MPEG video compression, where only the difference between successive frames is recorded (until a new I-frame).

Mac Backup Guru employs advanced algorithms to ensure that the synced backup maintains a level of data integrity equal to that following the initial clone. This reliability is borne of the simple logic inherent in the process. In order to achieve reliable sync, 3 basic rules are followed:

1. If the size of the file on the Source is different from that on the Destination, the file has changed.
2. If the modification time on the Source is different from than on the Destination, the file has changed.
3. If the file has changed, replace the one on the Destination with the file from the Source.

Even under the harshest conditions, this method produces perfectly synced Destination disks, which will always boot up and perform like the original. And using Mac Backup Guru is as simple as the logic upon which it is based. The large empty icon window on the left is labeled Select Source, followed by a right-pointing arrow and another icon window labeled Select Destination. Having selected the Source and Destination, the user just clicks the Backup button and the rest is automatic.

A. Newer files from the Source will replace older files on the Destination. This is how synchronization is provided.
B. The first time you back up it will be slow, but after that only updated files will be copied so that it will usually only take a few minutes to back up an entire drive.
C. If you select disk volumes in HFS format rather than folders to back up to and from, the backup will be bootable.

“The truth is, we originally wrote this program because we needed something just like it, but nothing out there was suitable,” commented Ben Slaney of MacDaddy. “Now we are offering it to you. You can download it free, and it’s fully functional. Please try it, use it regularly, and we hope that you love it as much as we do.”

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.7 or later
* 3.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Mac Backup Guru is $39.00 (USD) and is available directly from the publisher’s website. Review copies are available on request.MacDaddy
Mac Backup Guru 1.0
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