Mac Backup Guru 5.0 Offers Improved Data Backup Options for Mac OS X

[] Auckland, New Zealand – MacDaddy is pleased to announce the release of Mac Backup Guru 5.0, an important update to their innovative backup app for Mac OS X. Offering direct cloning, synchronization, and incremental snapshots, all 3 functions can handle backups from small amounts of files and data or entire drives full of data. The version 5.0 update brings an improved interface, faster and more stable cloning ability, more intuitive scheduling, improved incremental snapshots, and better performing background synchronization to the app.

“Mac Backup Guru was developed simply because of our own needs for a backup utility like this,” explained Ben Slaney of MacDaddy. “We couldn’t find anything like this on the market, so we decided to create it ourselves. The result is an easy to use, yet flexible backup utility that offers more features than other utilities of its type for Mac OS X.”

Direct Cloning:
The Direct Cloning function creates an exact duplicate of a folder or disk. Direct Cloning easily makes a direct copy of anything a user tells it to copy. Users who have attempted to make a backup of their System folder by simply dragging & dropping the folder to another drive know that method simply doesn’t work. Mac Backup Guru can easily make an exact copy of anything marked for backup, whether it’s terabytes of data, or the complex folder hierarchy of the System folder.

Synchronization is the answer if a user already has a partial backup of their data and wants to make sure that all of the folders and files that are different between the source and destination are included in the backup. Synchronization performs this by only copying the files that have changed. If it finds any files on the destination disk that are no longer on the source disk, it moves them to the trash. The result is a clone of the source directory,

Incremental Snapshots:
If a user were to make a complete backup of a 500GB hard drive each time, it would require a multiple terabyte capacity backup drive to hold even just a few backups. Incremental Snapshots allow users to store multiple backups of their drive by storing only fresh copies of the files that have been changed since the previous backup, and the rest are hardlinks to the previous backup. This allows multiple backups using only a fraction of the space needed for a full backup each time, while appearing as a full backup. If you browse through an incremental snapshot in the Finder it looks just like a full disk duplicate. If you were to do a “Get Info” on 10 of them they’ll tell you they’re using 10TB of space – for a 1TB drive. That’s what makes Incremental Snapshots so useful. Users can have multiple “full” backups of their drives, yet use only a fraction of the actual space on their backup drive.

* Simple, reliable utility to create copies of files
* Incremental Snapshots, which use about one tenth of the space of a standard backup and are about 10X faster
* Copy & Paste a bootable drive in the Finder (OS X 10.10 and higher)
* Easy to use, animated user interface
* Resumable Backups – Interrupt and start your backups again at any time
* Automatic Backups – Backing up a hard drive becomes simply a matter of plugging in a backup drive
* Synchronized Backups – Any new items are copied to the backup; any items not on the source are moved to the destination drive’s trash

In OS X 10.10 or higher, Mac Backup Guru offers its own improved version of Copy & Paste in Finder’s contextual menu. This allows users to copy an entire bootable volume and then paste it to another HFS+ volume, creating a bootable volume. All metadata and permissions are kept fully intact, and the Copy & Paste functions are also resumable.

Update Highlights:
* Improved Interface
* Improved incremental snapshots
* Faster and more reliable cloning ability
* More intuitive scheduling
* Better performing background synchronization

Mac Backup Guru makes keeping important files backed up easier than ever. It will run in the background, making bootable backups of the Mac file system, while users work on other things. No more waiting for a backup to finish before getting back to work. The app can even run scheduled backups so there’s no need to worry about remembering to backup any new work. A backup can be scheduled for any time of day, and Mac Backup Guru will run a backup of the selected data at the scheduled time. If the app isn’t running at the scheduled backup time, Mac Backup Guru will start up in the background and begin the backup.

Making bootable backups with Mac Backup Guru is a breeze. Simply select a volume to backup, and then select the destination volume. The app will make a bootable copy of that volume. Anyone can boot their Mac from an external backup by simply holding down the Option key while their Mac boots up. Users can then select the external drive, and boot their Mac from it.

Mac Backup Guru is intelligent. If the backup drive isn’t attached to the Mac when it’s time for a scheduled backup, it’s no problem. Backup Guru will automatically run the next time that drive is attached. Backup Guru will also notify you if there is a pending backup when it opens. Restoring is even easier; simply select the backup to restore from, and then select the drive to restore to. Mac Backup Guru does the rest of the work, quickly restoring all of the data to the destination drive.

“We have striven to make using Mac Backup Guru as easy as possible, while also working to offer the most comprehensive backup system available for the Mac today,” continued Slaney. “We think version 5.0 is the best version yet, and we think our customers will agree.”

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.9 or later
* 64-bit processor
* 5.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Mac Backup Guru 5.0 is $39.00 (USD) and is available directly from the publisher’s website. A free trial download is also available. Review copies are available on request.Mac Daddy
Mac Backup Guru 5.0
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MacDaddy, a subsidiary of Mac OSX File Recovery, aims to bring the most powerful but easy to use disk utilities for OS X to the public. MacDaddy is dedicated to making extremely powerful low-level software that is ridiculously easy to use. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2015 MacDaddy. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh and Mac OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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