Mac App Blocker 2.0 for OS X – A Single Password Protects Selected Apps

[] Clinton Twp, Michigan – KnewSense has announced the release of Mac App Blocker 2.0 for OS X, an update to its utility that enables users to block access to Mac applications by placing them on a Blocked App list, which is password protected. A safer and more practical solution for ensuring privacy than creating multiple login accounts, Mac App Blocker allows users to share their computer or leave it unattended, while being assured that sensitive apps and documents cannot be opened. In addition, a timeout value may be assigned to each app on the list, so that the app will automatically close after a specified period of inactivity. The simple app appears as a convenient Menu Bar icon, and gives the user the option of whether or not it launches automatically at startup.

Feature Highlights:
* Does not modify any system or application files
* Runs in the background waiting to intercept an application launch
* Works with the majority of Mac applications – Mail, Safari, Firefox, System Preferences, etc.
* Logs invalid or failed attempts to launch application with date and time and optional photo
* Alerts users to a possible failed attempt with a visible red icon in the taskbar
* Can automatically Exit an inactive application – great for Apple Mail and Safari
* Optionally exit ALL protected apps at System Startup

Mac App Blocker requires minimal setup for operation. First, the user must supply a private password, which will unlock both the utility itself as well as any application that has been placed on its Blocked App list. Once started, the app runs in the background, occupying little RAM and using minuscule CPU resources only when the app’s password is entered or changes are made to the Blocked App list. The number of applications that can be placed under the utility’s protection is virtually unlimited. The second step is clicking the “+” button to add applications to the list.

Improvements in Version 2.0:
* Scheduling – add scheduled days/times to block/unblock each application or All applications
* Networks – add trusted networks to unblock applications when connected to specific networks
* Updated User Interface – Blocked apps and Preferences now in one window
* Multiple App Additions – add multiple apps to the blocked apps list at one time
* Updated Failed Attempt History – records and saves ALL failed attempts; remove individual or all histories for each app
* New Icon – after many requests, the icon has been updated
* Lockdown Mode – new temporary lockdown mode; protect your open applications when you step away from the computer without exiting the apps

On attempting to launch any application on the Blocked App list, the standard OS X “Enter Password” window opens, stating, “Type your Mac App Blocker password to allow access to this application.” Entering the password instantly opens the application, and failed attempts are recorded in the utility’s Blocked App list, displaying the number of failed attempts, the date, time, and a photo of the user. The app’s Menu Bar lock icon turns red, notifying the user that an unsuccessful attempt has been made to open blocked data/apps. Additional protection is provided by the utility’s timeout feature, which automatically closes any listed app after a specified period of inactivity (30 sec., 5 min., 10 min., 20 min.). Of course, listed applications can be easily added or deleted, and all protection can be disabled for a single session, resuming on restart.

“Kids, co-workers, family members, guests – no worries,” stated Ken Orlo of KnewSense. “You pick which apps will be protected and Mac App Blocker keeps them secure. It also tracks failed attempts to access the protected apps – so you’ll know when it happened.”

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6 or later
* Intel processor
* 4.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Mac App Blocker 2.0 is $14.95 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the KnewSense website. A 15-day free trial download is also available.KnewSense
Mac App Blocker 2.0
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Based in Clinton Township, Michigan, indie developer Ken Orlo provides software solutions for Mac OS X and iOS. Although the company, KnewSense, LLC, is new to the Mac software community, they strive to provide quality products and service. Copyright (C) 2011-2012 KnewSense, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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