Lost Frequency for iOS, a Unique, Choose Your Own Adventure Game App

[prMac.com] Gilbert, Arizona – Artista Digital is proud to announce their upcoming game, Lost Frequency for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Lost Frequency is a choose your own adventure game that is unlike anything else on the App Store to date. The game tells a sci-fi story using real voice acting that feels as if you are actually interacting with a real live person, lending a unique realism to the user’s game experience.

The Allied Space Exploration Cooperative (A.S.E.C.) launched it’s first ever interstellar space mission but something has gone horribly wrong. Using your deep space scanner, you inadvertently make contact with Captain Paul Renzo of The Orion Project. The captain is a space explorer and member of the very first Interstellar Space Exploration(I.S.E.) unit to leave our own solar system. He is stranded on a foreign world and has lost his crew. His life is on the line and he needs your help! Every decision you make impacts your game experience.

What makes Lost Frequency unique and original is it’s use of professional voice acting to tell the story and interact with the player. Common feedback we’ve received is how easy it is to sympathize with the main character and feel as if you are actually a part of the story.

Artista Digital is excited to announce and preview this exciting new adventure that is sure to please the most hardcore iOS gamers!Lost Frequency Game Preview
YouTube Preview Video

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