LogTen Pro iPhone and iPad integrates with CloudAhoy flight debrief App

[prMac.com] Portland, Oregon – CloudAhoy’s newest version of their flight debriefing and flight track analysis app includes the added feature of data sharing with LogTen Pro. Pilots across the USA using CloudAhoy can now share their flight data with LogTen Pro at the touch of a button.

Chuck Shavit, CloudAhoy’s founder, said, “We’re very pleased to help pilots enter their flight information into LogTen Pro in a much easier way: with one tap, CloudAhoy automatically fills over 20 fields of information in LogTen Pro – including in/out times, airports, crew and aircraft data, and many others. We place a lot of emphasis on integrating our debrief service with the aviation ecosystem and are very pleased to work with Coradine, a leading provider of electronic logbooks.

Integration with LogTen Pro is made easier by LogTen Pro’s publicly available Application Programming Interface (API). The API provides all the necessary information for companies wishing to integrate with the logbook software. LogTen Pro’s API has already been implemented by companies such as ForeFlight, Jeppesen Crew Alert and Roster Buster.

Noah Lieberman, Coradine CEO said – It’s great to have CloudAhoy integrating with LogTen Pro to streamline the data entry process. As a result, pilots can debrief their flights with CloudAhoy, then effortlessly transfer the data to LogTen Pro for safe keeping, as well as currency tracking and further analysis. The result will be pilots improving their flying and we support this 100%.

About CloudAhoy
CloudAhoy is a powerful online flight debriefing service that collects GPS data from your entire flight, integrates it with information from a comprehensive suite of aviation resources, analyzes the flight using rule-based knowledge engine, and displays the results in detail-rich, 3D, 2D, static, and animated screens. Whether a professional, student, weekend flyer, or CFI, flying fixed-wing, helicopter or glider, CloudAhoy expertly tracks and reports on all phases and parameters of your flight, helping you debrief and perfect your flying skills.LogTen Pro

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