LogTen Pro electronic logbook chosen by AME High to help student pilots

[prMac.com] Portland, Oregon – AME High recently launched a revolutionary new online ground school using multi-media and gamification to help make learning to fly fun for aspiring pilots. As part of their High Performance package that is available through their aviation training partners, like Spectaculair Interactive, they have chosen to include LogTen Pro Universal for iPad and iPhone.

“Today’s aviators need the best tools and resources available to maximize their flight experience.”, said Cameron Loflin, COO at AME High, “We’re excited to partner with Coradine to give our student pilots access to the premier electronic logbook on the market. The superior features, convenience, and enjoyment of using LogTen Pro will allow pilots to spend less time logging information and more time flying.”

One of the unique features that LogTen Pro offers is the ability for students to have their flights and endorsements signed by their instructor right on their iPhone or iPad using the Digital Signatures feature.

Other features which students starting their career will appreciate include:
* Ability to run 8710 report for check ride preparation (IACRA in the US)
* Ability to easily keep track of certificate qualification goals such as: solo XC, Night XC, Instrument
* Quick set up with one tap ‘student’ logbook configuration and LogTen Pro grows with pilots throughout their flying career

Torea Rodriguez, Coradine COO said – “We’ve always felt LogTen Pro would be a great addition to flight school curricula and it’s exciting to have AME High include LogTen Pro Universal with their High Performance offer. With LogTen Pro students get the best of both worlds, the ability to access totals, certificates, endorsements and manipulate data in seconds, and the ability to print a beautiful logbook for presentation.”

About AME High:
AME High curriculum was built by pilots, CFIs and educators. People with years of flying behind them and an understanding of what makes a good pilot. Our electronic content is highly visual, interactive and extremely effective. With over 50 years of combined online educational experience, our team of writers, instructional designers, and programmers have incorporated unique features that make learning the most engaging, fun and effective as it can possibly be!Coradine
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