Locate your holiday spirit with Santa’s Map to Christmas

[prMac.com] Chicago, Illinois – Journey to Christmas past, discover faraway, magical places, and experience the wonder of the season like never before with Santa’s Map to Christmas, a mobile app by Audacious Software that illustrates and charts beloved Christmas stories, giving yuletide enthusiasts a merry new way to enjoy their most cherished tales.

The app features comprehensive maps and delightful imagery that outline the adventures of holiday favorites and classics like Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” the story of the birth of Christ from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, E.T.A. Hoffman’s “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King,” and many more. The team of elves behind Santa’s Map continues to add new stories and illustrations daily, creating a global map of Christmas that will be complete by Santa’s arrival at your house on Christmas Eve. This season, find your joy with Santa’s Map to Christmas.

Highlights include:
* An ever-expanding library of Christmas stories, a comprehensive atlas with locations and illustrations
* Links to full-text versions of the stories, audio and video, and additional resources about the stories
* A travel log to help you track your own visits to places from holiday stories
* Automatic updates that retrieve new stories, illustrations, and maps daily

Mobile Platform Requirements:
* iOS 9 or later
* Android 4 or later
* Fire OS 4.5.1 and a 3rd generation Fire tablet or later

Pricing and Availability:
Santa’s Map to Christmas 1.0.2 is available for $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) around the world on most major mobile platforms. iOS users can find the app on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad devices. Android handheld and tablet users can download the app from the Google Play store. Kindle Fire users may purchase the app from Amazon’s Appstore.Santa’s Map to Christmas 1.0.2
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Located in Chicago, Illinois, Audacious Software is a privately held technology firm founded in 2008 by Chris Karr. Audacious Software focuses on the Mac and mobile platforms, with the aim to develop best-of-breed products, as well as provide outstanding consulting services. The company has released a variety of products for entertainment, research, and marketing purposes. Its most recent release was the Pnakotic Atlas, an illustrated atlas of weird fiction from the 1930s and before. Copyright (C) 2008-2015 Audacious Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Android and Google Play are registered trademarks of Google Inc. Kindle, Fire, and Amazon Appstore are registered trademarks of Amazon Inc.

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