Live iPhone Class Teaches iOS Development to Over 500 Students Online

[] Rochester, New York – Instructor, Paul Solt announces a live, online iPhone development class. The popular course has already received over 500 registrants. The three-week iOS development class that begins on Monday, January 18, 2013, goes beyond simply Objective-C coding, to in-depth topics developers need to know to be successful in the iOS application marketplace. Filled with practical knowledge and engaging content, based on Solt’s five apps and over 500,000 app downloads on the App Store, students will learn about iOS development, coding, App Store specifics and success, marketing, and user interface design, in an interactive learning environment.

The iPhone class entitled, Build Your First iPhone App in Three Weeks, is open to the global learning community, and will engage students in the learning experience. Student backgrounds include the fields of technology, graphic design, advertising, art, web design, management, and performing arts, and contribute to the breadth of topics covered in the learning environment and student collaborative discussions.

An experienced iOS developer with over 500,000 app downloads, Paul Solt has taught iPhone app development at the renowned, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Solt began teaching at RIT as a Student Lab Instructor (SLI) in 2005. His previous teaching experience includes hands-on sessions with students and work in the RIT Supplemental Instruction (SI) program.

Class Format:
* Live lectures
* Office hours
* Basic programming videos
* Project-based learning
* No grades – focus on learning outcomes

Founded on a style of teaching that focuses on practical knowledge towards an end product, rather than busy work, the class is different from traditional classroom learning. There is no assessment or grading on student work. Instead students work on projects and are encouraged to think of app ideas that can help improve workflow, access to information, or calculations for tedious tasks.

In-depth lectures guide students through the creation of a fully functional app designed for artists and photographers who frame artwork. Students will learn how to build a touch gesture-based utility app for visualizing and measuring dimensions of artwork frames and mat boards. This application creation will lead students through learning concepts applicable for building a variety of iOS applications.

Students will have full access to the source code, demonstrating how an experienced developer builds an iPhone app. At the end of class, any student may customize the app and release their version to the App Store.

Throughout the three-week course, there will be live office hours to answer questions on best practices, resources, and bug fixes. Students can also post questions on Skillshare and work together in online small groups.

Class Topics:
* C programming
* Objective-C programming
* How to setup your Mac with Xcode
* Model View Controller (MVC) program design
* User interface design
* Memory management
* Classes, methods, and functions
* Graphics and touch input
* Table views

“Many students have lost the desire to learn because of the overhead associated with higher education,” says Solt. “The current state of online learning is abysmal. Professors haven’t figured out how to use power point or technology effectively and they fail to connect with their students. Professors need to engage the students to drive from within. I believe passion is what drives learning, not grades. I want to raise the bar with this iPhone course.”

In addition to class materials and student group collaboration, students will have access to Paul Solt’s newsletter, blog and online videos to continue learning about iOS application development and successful app publication topics, beyond the three-week course.

Class Requirements:
* Mac OSX with Mountain Lion (PC users with MacInCloud online)
* iOS 6.0
* Three weeks to learn

Pricing & Availability:
Build Your First iPhone App in Three Weeks class tickets are $49.00 USD for a limited number of seats and can be purchased on Skillshare. Group discount codes are available on request. The course runs January 28th – February 18th and all lecture materials are recorded.Skillshare iPhone Class
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Paul Solt is an interactive graphics software developer from Rochester, New York. Paul has taught iPhone development at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). His work experience includes Apple Inc. and Microsoft. Paul is the founder and CEO of a development studio, Artwork Evolution. Copyright (C) 2013 Paul Solt. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iOS, Mac OSX, Mountain Lion, and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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