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[] Singapore – Embark on World Spa & Travel Magazine’s journey around the world exploring the top 100 travel destinations for 2013.

Based out of Singapore, World Spa & Travel Magazine is an all-inclusive luxury travel magazine designed for the new-aged traveler who has adopted the wellness, spa and holistic lifestyle. World Spa & travel magazine gives travelers the personal touch that is missing from the travel industry. By engaging in creating a global community, World Spa & Travel Magazine has the opportunity to promote a variety of destinations on a grand scale and deliver these promotions to people all over the world.

The 100 List is World Spa & Travel Magazine’s special edition compilation of travel destinations characterized in distinct subsections: Unique Locations, Private Islands Mountain Retreats, Wildlife Hotels, Beach Retreats, Destination Spas and Heritage Hotels, City Hotels, travel destinations in Australia, Asia, South America, North America, Africa, The Middle East, and Europe.

The 100 List takes a fresh approach to the average run-of-the mill “travel guide” experience by understanding the target consumer. Our magazine distinguishes itself by practicing hands-on photojournalism and exploring destinations, which are then presented to the reader in a manner that sparks a desire to take action and visit said destination.

The 100 List includes destinations where travelers can have an authentic, organic experience while maintaining luxurious facilities and private accommodations. The 100 List sets new expectations within the travel guide industry by creating new recommendation standards. Rather than simply locating the most luxurious destinations, the 100 List makes sure the selected destinations incorporate unique heritage features, highlight special landmarks and makes sure the destination has a wide of range of amenities.

The 100 List is also available through the App Store where it can be purchased and read at the convenience of the reader. World Spa & Travel offers a variety of subscription options: Six-Months: $13.99 USD, One-year Subscription: $26.99, and Individual: $4.99.

World Spa & Travel Magazine is dedicated to present the latest trends in luxury travel through its global digital distribution. Our photojournalists and reporters travel to dream destinations where they are able to truly experience the culture, and bring their experiences and recommendations for our affluent readers. Our travel content is enhanced by embedding wellness and spa aspects that are tailored to our ideal consumer: one who is enveloped in the holistic & luxurious lifestyle. World Spa & Travel is dedicated to building a community of travelers around the world. World Spa & Travel packages travel information in an accessible and comprehensive manner while maintaining luxury: our signature distinction.

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