Life of Politician – Simulator Game Indiegogo Campaign Now Underway

[] Minsk, Belarus – Phoenix Studio is happy to announce their Indiegogo campaign to fund the development and release of Life of Politician – Simulator Game for iOS and Android devices. Life of Politician is a virtual social state in which each player is a citizen of the simulator’s universe. All acts by a single player will have a varying effect on all players in the game. Everything depends on the decisions put into play by the participants.

Life of Politician is not a simple win or lose proposition. The aim of the game is to work up the social ladder from a common office worker, all the way up to the top level of President. Games can have any of several endings, all affected by events from outside forces. While results are impossible to predict, players will find that they can affect their probability.

Players will begin the game at the lowest rung of the career ladder: Office Worker. Make the correct decisions to climb up the ranks. As they raise in the ranks, players will be forced to resolve the issues facing them at the current level. For example, as a Party Leader, the aim is to bring people together for a common goal. Prime Ministers are tasked with offering solutions of issues on a global scale. Players who take on the role of a Minister will be faced with national issues of great importance, and will be forced to solve legislative questions. Ministers have a great impact on the state of the game. The higher the rung on the career ladder, the more authority and responsibility that are placed on a player’s shoulders.

“When we began laying the groundwork for the Life of Politician game, we knew we wanted to make the game a non-linear experience,” shared Phoenix Studio CEO Pavel Shauchenka. “The game is designed to be unpredictable, just like real life. While you can influence the outcome of the game, you cannot control it.”

The ultimate goal for players in the game is to reach level 10 and become President. In order to reach the top rung, they’ll need to earn the respect of the populace, which is directly affected by the decisions made in the game. Security is a must in the game, so the purchase of an armored car to protect against attacks is a wise purchase. However, be careful, as such a purchase is bound to upset some of the populace, due to the fact it costs more than most people earn in a year!

While a player might start out living in a dormitory, it quickly becomes important to move up to a better form of shelter. A high-ranking official may wish to purchase a mansion, with included 24-hour surveillance. This will help protect the player from the greedy and evil members of the populace who are out to do harm to the President. Heads of State are always at risk of attack, but in a mansion, they can at least feel safe while resting in their home.

Life of Politician will bring a non-linear gaming experience to all who enter the game, with all players contributing to the development of the game’s universe, it is impossible to predict the end. Multiple playing sessions will result in multiple endings, all affected by the decisions made by the players involved in the session.

Financing the Game:
Phoenix Studio is turning to Indiegogo to crowd fund the game, and is looking for a total investment of at least $15,000 USD. This is the amount the company needs to create the game, hire developers and graphic artists, and set up and maintain servers with enough capacity to supply an entertaining gaming experience to players around the globe, including localization for 15 different languages.

In the happy event Phoenix Studio is able to raise more than the required $15,000, there will be a number of stretch goals that can be met:
* Raise $18,000: 3D Models will be included in the game
* Raise $23,000: A web version of the game will be launched
* Raise $27,000: Version will be launched for Mac and Windows

The launch of Life of Politician – Simulator Game depends on enough players pledging the needed funds to carry the game’s development forward. Various pledge levels are available, from $1, which will ensure the receipt of emails informing of the games progress in development, all the way up to $500, which is the “Notification” pledge level. This level guarantees the donor will receive a promotional code for domestic in-app purchases for $500, the donor’s hand-drawn image will be included in the game, they’ll receive a branded T-Shirt, and more!Phoenix Studio
Life of Politician – Simulator Game
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Phoenix Studio is a young team of developers. The team began forming six years ago. From the very beginning the team has been united by the idea to create projects together. Over the years, the members of Phoenix Studio have brushed up on their skills and become a close knit team, ready to face the challenges of any ambitious projects that come their way. Copyright (C) 2015 Phoenix Studio. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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