‘Leezed’ currently available on the Apple store as well as Android Play store

 Now available, Leezed, Leezed (pronounced: lēsd) is an easy to use rental marketplace app where a user can easily to borrow and lend stuff within his/her neighborhood. This app is available to Android as well as ios users. While having a brief conversation with Mr. Sanjay Iyegar owner Leezed said That the common household in the US has many items like tools, ski equipment, gardening stuff, furniture which are sparingly used. These cannot be sold but remain unused for long periods of time. Leezed allows owners of such stuff to post stuff to be lent and connects them with borrowers for no fee.

Here are the couple of common questions that we asked Mr. Sanjay:

1. Why should I use leezed for small things? Why wouldn’t I simply buy it?
Well, renting is obviously cheaper. But let’s also save planet earth by making less landfill and pollution, one rental at a time
Go green, go leezed!!!

2. What are things that I can put on leezed?
Some commonly rented items are:
– Gardening tools
– General tools (drills, belt sander, etc)
– Sports equipment (tennis racket, golf clubs)
– Camping / Traveling utilities
– Ski equipment
– Kids stuff.

For more information, you can visit: www.leezed.com

Leezed Press Relation
Contact: +1- 408-636-8570

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