Launching Remote Training Sessions – BarnOwl Software

Our remote training sessions prove to be more convenient and cost-efficient than standard training sessions as you have a lot of flexibility.

You have the convenience of taking part in these from the comfort of your home or office space limiting time wastage in traffic and expenditure for travel especially if you are located in another Country or province.

Customer Specific Remote Training

Sessions allow you the freedom to have the course content tailored to meet your specific needs depending on which aspects of the particular module you would like to focus on. This can be based on your usage of BarnOwl within your organization as well as any areas where you or your colleagues may be struggling.

Client-specific training sessions are also booked at your convenience and you have the option to be trained on a copy of your database or our Generic ABC database.

What’s The New Features on the BarnOwl Software:

More Help

You can find assistance via our online help manual, simply log onto the BarnOwl website, go to Support and click on Documentation.

BarnOwl Help is also available at the top BarnOwl Website:

You can also access the help manual by Press F1 from your BarnOwl rich App.

You should also have a BarnOwl Champion or main BarnOwl user at your company which you can contact for help, he or she would usually then contact us should they be unable to assist.

Your BarnOwl champion or you (if that is you or you do not have a BarnOwl Champion) can contact our support at support ( @ ) barnowl dot

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