Launching Our New Plugin! Advanced DSP Plugin – Go Lang

Now, you can get an advanced DSP plugin from revive AdserverMod; the Advanced DSP plugin for go-lang is one of the effective plugins. Earn more customers in real life by highly engaging ad campaigns. This plugin gives a guarantee to a safe & engaging user experience. At present, this advanced DSP plugin was developed by the latest version of open RTB v2.5 & 3.0.

Advanced DSP plugin uses go-language that helps deliver engaging ad campaigns to individual SSPs or all SSPs. It also helps advertisers run programmatic ad campaigns with a minimum budget. Open RTB passes the bit request to the DSP endpoint URL then will deliver the ad campaigns.

Apart from these specific features, this plugin provides Billing Noticed URL(burl) & Loss Noticed URL(lurl). This plugin helps deliver campaigns with a bidder name, total requests, responses, and winning response.

This plugin supports txt, sync cookies, enabling Gzip compression, and inventory. An advanced DSP plugin attaches IAB guidelines; a plugin facilitates multiple ad exchanges simultaneously through real-time bidding. Both are advertisers & publishers can create their own account without the admin’s support.

Banner Ads, Video Ads, Linear Ads, and non-Linear Ads are a few formats supported by this plugin.

For more information about advanced DSP plugin, visit:

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