Late Night Software Launches Script Debugger 7

[] Victoria, Canada – Late Night Software Ltd. has released Script Debugger 7, the latest version of its award-winning AppleScript development software. The upgrade introduces Script Debugger Lite, several new features and a raft of other tweaks and improvements, making it even easier to take full advantage of AppleScript.

Script Debugger is an integrated development environment focused entirely on AppleScript. This highly specific focus allows it to deliver a suite of tools that make AppleScript development amazingly productive. You can use it to write and edit code, analyze target applications, debug scripts, and more.

AppleScript is a venerable and proven scripting language for automating tasks on the Macintosh. It uses terminology that is similar to common English words, and is relatively easy to learn in comparison to other scripting languages. But it is also an object-oriented language that is fully capable of handling complex programming tasks when necessary. AppleScript creates script files that can control your computer and its various applications. It can be used to automate repetitive and error-prone manual tasks, saving both time and money.

The biggest change in Script Developer 7 is the free “lite” mode, which offers all the basic editing, debugging and dictionary functions that you need to write your code. Even without Script Debugger’s advanced features, it represents a significant improvement over the Apple’s Script Editor which comes with your Macintosh. We see Script Debugger Lite as the best free option available for working with AppleScript.

Other new features in Script Debugger 7 include document version browsing where you can retrieve past versions of scripts, an improved bundle editor providing greater control over script applications, and the enhanced applet shell offering an improved UI and support for automatic software updates via Sparkle when deploying scripts as stand-alone applications.

“I can’t imagine using AppleScript all of these years without Script Debugger. In fact, it has spoiled me. Script Debugger has paid for itself many times over. One of the great benefits is having a responsive team of developers at Late Night to help. There are so many features that I’m continually finding new functions to use, saving time and frustration. In short, having an editing environment for a small yet powerful language like AppleScript seems like a miracle for over 20 years now. Wow!” Ray Robertson @scriptsmatter

“If you use AppleScript at all you should download this. Even if all you do is use the free version instead of Script Editor.” Jason Snell @jsnell

Script Debugger has a 20+ year history, and during that time has been widely recognized for its excellence as an AppleScript development environment. In 2000, Script Debugger 2.0 was honoured with a MacWorld Editors Choice award for Best Development Software. Script Debugger 3.0 was nominated for the 2002 MacUser Award in the category of Utility and Enabling. Script Debugger has long been the go-to tool for professional and hobbyist AppleScript users alike, and Script Debugger 6 improves upon that heritage.

System Requirements:
* Script Debugger 7 requires macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later

Pricing and Availability:
Script Debugger 7 is available now, and retails for $99.99 (USD), with upgrades from Script Debugger 6 for $49.99 (USD). For more information, please contact Mark Alldritt.Script Debugger 7
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