KosmicMath 2.0 rocks the Solar System

[prMac.com] Redmond, Washington – Our AppVentures Super Mom Kathy introduces us to an out of the world iPhone/iPad Math system, KosmicMath. KosmicMath was first introduced in 2009. Six years later it rocks the Solar System with a new update. KosmicMath has been used by parents looking to give their child a boost in math table practice while relieving the tedium from repetitive problems. Put the repetitive nature to math facts to work in your child’s life and it will reward you with peace of mind that no matter how crazy education becomes – your child will have a solid foundation of math facts to carry them forward.

KosmicMath is a 5 player, mathematical drill instruction application built to support and reinforce mathematical tables and educational scope & sequence requirements covering preschool through 4th grade on the iPad. (see KosmicMath Family for iPhone/iPod-touch version).

KosmicMath is a space exploration game that uses NASA imagery, themed animations and sound affects creating an immersive educational experience. Two modes of play, Mission and Drill, encourage children to master their math tables and chart their progress.

In mission mode, players are urged to demonstrate mastery over basic mathematical operations as they travel through the solar system collecting alien trophies and visiting NASA web sites. In Drill mode, players are given a pop quiz which is individually scored, emailed and archived along with the problem set, player answers and statistics about the players responses. Data from mission mode and drill mode is saved for each player, synchronized to other iPhone, iPOD-Touch or iPAD devices and archived into the KosmicMath web portal for parent and teacher analysis of player performance.

At the heart of KosmicMath is a proprietary problem generation algorithm which mimics human instruction, by generating problems that are always appropriate to the player’s grade and experience level. KosmicMath’s problem generation algorithm tracks all student success and failures – constantly adjusting to each players’ unique learning requirements. The KosmicMath problem generation engine automatically adjusts the player’s difficulty and settings as they progress through 25 increasing levels of challenge.

Children are promoted when scoring 80% or higher across all required operands for their grade level. Promotion increases the problem number size and problem difficulty by reducing the amount of time allowed for answering the problem. In addition, the number of correct problems is increased as the student shows proficiency in the lower number sets; thus continually challenging the student towards demonstrated mastery of their elementary math tables. KosmicMath supports 5 promotion levels: Cadet, Navigator, Co-Pilot, Commander and Admiral.

KosmicMath Features:
* Family edition: 5 players and all 5 grade levels (preK through 4th grade)
* Two modes of operation: Mission & Drill
* Multi-level reward system encourages continued play
* Problems generated follow the Scope and Sequence operation and number sets approximating the school year
* Problem generation algorithm will not generate problems outside of a students current grade and experience level
* Problem generation algorithm self monitors student performance and adjusts difficulty striving for mastery
* Detailed and summary performance tracking by player
* Email notifications of progress and rewards
* Email notification of completed drills with problems and player answers
* Player roaming capability – allows players to pickup any licensed KosmicMath device and continue their play where the last left off

KosmicMath monitors player response gathering and reporting each player’s performance indicators including: mission scores and drill / test results. Player performance data is individually maintained for up to 5 players. The KosmicMath web portal provides a unified student dashboard which displays Mission and Drill progress over time and for each player. Performance graphs show children’s mathematical proficiency by operand and within their learning requirements for each grade level.KosmicMath 2.1.1
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Located in Redmond, Washington, SlothMedia, LLC was established by Jerry Ketterling with the aim to bring excellence to iPhone, iPod and iPad educational software. The company currently offers Family, School and Lite versions on the iTunes AppStore with others in the works. Slothmedia and KosmicMath are definitely on the watch list. Copyright (C) 2015 SlothMedia, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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