Knots 3D 4.5 Offers 3D 360-Degree Demonstration of Tying Almost Any Knot

[] Highland, Utah – Independent developer, Nynix LLC today is proud to announce the release and availability of Knots 3D 4.5, an important update to their popular reference app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Knots 3D offers the ability to tie, untie, and rotate 118 types of knots using a convenient touch interface.

The app offers the ability to rotate a knot 360 degrees in 3D space, allowing anyone to view the entire structure of a knot in order to better learn how to tie it. While users can tie or untie the knot using the app’s touchscreen interface, it also offers an animated demonstration of the knot tying technique. Users can zoom in on the knot for a closer look, or flip the knot for a different perspective.

“3D Knots was developed to aid scouts, climbers, fishermen, boaters, and others in tying the perfect knot, and using the correct knot for the given situation,” says David Boren, creator of Knots 3D. “The app was released in September of 2011, and since then, we have been constantly improving the app, adding new features, and new knots. 17 new knots were added in our previous major release, bringing the total number of knots demonstrated to 118. We always listen closely to our users’ comments and ideas, and have included a number of their requests in our app updates. We will continually work to make Knots 3D the best app of its kind.”

* Offers high resolution graphics for retina displays
* Users can learn to tie 118 unique knots
* Knot tying animations can be paused, or users can adjust the speed of the animation at any time
* Rotate the view of any knot in 360 degrees, Handy 3D view offers ability to study knots from any angle
* Zoom in on a knot to see it in greater detail
* Use multi-touch gestures, such as pinch-to-zoom and swipe, to tie or untie any knot
* Browse all knots by category or search knots by name
* No Internet connection required – All information is completely stored on the iOS device

All 3D knots are arranged by category, (boating, fishing, scouts, etc.), and type. Each knot includes detailed reference information, such as: helpful tying pointers, information about the strength and reliability of the knot, its structural information, Ashley reference numbers, and in some cases, the history and origin of the knot. All knots can be added to a personalized “favorites” list, to allow for quick reference at a later time. Knots 3D is professionally translated into 17 languages: English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Knots 3D has been featured in a number of publications in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Publications include Scouting Magazine, Guy Harvey Magazine, Boating Magazine, Sailing Magazine, and more. The app is consistently at the top of the App Store charts in a number of countries, ranking as high as #6 overall for the iPhone, and #2 overall for the iPad. The app has nearly 3,000 ratings in the U.S. App Store, with an average 5 out of 5 stars, as well as the international App Stores, where nearly 14,000 ratings also give it a perfect 5 out of 5 overall rating.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 6.0 or later
* Universal Application
* 55.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Knots 3D 4.5 is only $1.99 (USD) and is available worldwide through the App Store in the Reference category. Review codes are available upon request. An Android version is available through Google Play, and an Amazon Fire version is also available through the Amazon Appstore.Knots 3D 4.5
Purchase and Download
Screenshot (Category List)
Screenshot (Fishing – Snell Knot)
Screenshot (Climbing – Double Fisherman Knot)
Screenshot (Decorative – Monkey’s Fist (iPad)

Nynix LLC is an indie software studio developing apps for mobile devices. Located near Thanksgiving Point, Utah, Nynix LLC is part of the rapidly growing Silicon Slopes technology community at the base of the Wasatch mountains. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2016 Nynix LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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