Kim Jong-Un Kills Zombies in This Weird Game with North Korea Army

[] Los Angeles, California – PixelPup Games have now announced the launch of their new hilarious game called Kim Jong-un Run or just Kim Jong Run for short. The vision behind this game was to make people laugh and give them hours of competitive fun. PixelPup believes that this game will be a classic breakthrough in the mobile gaming industry. The spokesperson (or “spokesdog”) for PixelPup Games spoke about Kim Jong Run in an official statement.

“Here at PixelPup, we love a good laugh and what can make you laugh better than a bobble-head Kim Jong-un running from Barack Obama zombies while dodging American nukes and tanks? With the release of the famous Hollywood comedy The Interview, we got the inspiration for this game! Kim Jong-un Run will you give you hours of addictive gameplay… And hopefully we won’t get any threats from certain administrations for launching this game!”

The plot revolves around a battle between Kim Jong-Un and the American army. US black-ops have unleashed a evil strain of a virus code-named “The Zombama Virus” within the North Korean army’s ranks and has spawned a mass of mindless, flesh-hungry zombies upon Pyongyang. With his army turned against him, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, the successor of Kim Jong-il has no idea what to do and as anticipated, he makes a run for it. It is up you, the player to help Kim Jong-un battle his way through hoards of “Zombamafied” enemies while dodging nukes and tanks of the South Korea in this epic battle.

Players control the funny, caricature like and corpulent Kim Jong-un to run in the street while killing zombies, battling tanks and chasing girls. The game is described to be an action-packed and fun-filled ride that will give the players nothing but utter enjoyment and bouts of unstoppable laughter. The game boasts a very sleek user interface and is very easy to use with considerably simplified menus. Players will especially enjoy Kim’s ability to instantly power up into his god-like form: Super Kim. Apparently, Kim is a die-hard fan of the cartoon series “Dragon Ball Z” and has invested billions in his secret lab and team of scientists that has christened upon him the same super-saiyan abilities as Goku.

Beta testers describe Kim Jong-un Run as a “Super fun and hilariously addictive game.” Here is what another user had to say about this game on the official PixelPup website “This game still makes me laugh every time I play it.”

PixelPup takes great pride in this new game and believe that it will be a big hit. They state their next goal for achievement to be a platformer version of the Kim Jong-un Run. They have now set up their crowd funding campaign for fans to help them in this mission. After the raising of sufficient funds from fans and supports, the players of Kim Jong-un Run will not only have this game on their mobile devices but they will also have it available as a platformer version on their desktop PCs and eventually consoles.

The platformer version is stated to be an improved and expanded world based on the mobile game with more abilities, more enemies, more levels and twisted storyline. PixelPup studios are now looking for contributions from lovers of Kim Jong-un Run so they can successfully launch a platformer version of the game for an even better and more enjoyable user experience.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3GS, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus, iPod touch and iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* 19.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Kim Jong-Un Run 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category and on Google Play.Kim Jong-Un Run 1.0
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