Keep It 1.2 Adds Icon View, Custom Note Styles, Improved Search and More

[] Swansea, United Kingdom – January 15, 2018. Reinvented Software is pleased to announce Keep It 1.2, their notebook, scrapbook and organizer for macOS, which adds icon view, improved Files app support, custom styles for notes, and improvements to search, tag filtering, imports, and more. Keep It is the successor to Together, a brand new app that preserves the very best of its predecessor, but recast for today and the future.

Keep It is a notebook, scrapbook and organizer, ideal for writing notes, saving web links, organizing documents, and finding them again. Available on Mac, iPad and iPhone, Keep It is the destination for all those things you want to put somewhere, confident you will find them again later.

Keep It 1.2 adds icon view to show items as resizable thumbnails, and each list can be set to either use list or icon view. Keep It uses iCloud to make these thumbnails available to Keep It for iPad and iPhone, along with the Files app on iOS 11.

This version also adds custom styles for notes, so that combinations of fonts, paragraph settings and colors may be easily applied to text, and these styles are also made available across all Macs and iOS devices via iCloud.

It’s now possible to set a default import destination; a folder or bundle that can be used as an inbox for un-filed imports, which appears at the top of the list of folders and bundles in the sidebar with a special icon for convenience.

Keep It 1.2 makes improvements to search, so it’s now possible to negate individual search terms (e.g. to find items that have one tag, but not another) and choose what is searched when using free text. The Tag Filter can now be used to show untagged items, and animates on Mac as on iOS.

Other improvements include the ability to find text within PDFs, and save web pages either as web archives or PDFs, improvements to the appearance of various toolbar items and the Favorites Bar, and performance improvements when importing large numbers of files.


Like its predecessor Together, pretty much anything can be added to Keep It, including notes, web links, rich and plain text documents, PDFs, images, or any other kind of file, using drag and drop, its share extension, the Services menu, or a browser bookmarklet. Keep It can also create new files of any type from stationery, and uses iCloud to make everything available across your devices, and to share items with others.

Keep It has all the organization tools you could need, including folders, tags, colored labels, and bundles. Keep It stores everything you add as files in folders that you can access in the Finder on Mac or the Files app on iOS 11, and open in other apps for editing. Saving files to these folders will automatically add them.

Building on Together, just about everything in Keep It has been improved or streamlined to work consistently across Mac and iOS, while taking advantage of each platform’s unique strengths. Keep It’s innovative tag filter that can drill down through combinations of related tags, and works in conjunction with search, which offers suggestions and makes it easy to combine terms. Keep It’s Compact Mode reduces the app to a single column, ideal for using as a floating window, or alongside another full screen app in split view, as you would on iPad.

System Requirements:
* macOS 10.12 or later
* 64-bit processor
* 8.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Keep It for Mac 1.2 is available as a 15-day trial. A license for Keep It costs $49.99, and will include all Keep It Version 1.x updates. Together 3 users can purchase a $24.99 upgrade, or get a free copy if Together 3 was purchased during its final 6 months on sale. Keep It is also available on the Mac App Store, also with a free trial, and a choice of one-time purchases to buy Keep It, upgrade from Together, along with monthly or yearly subscriptions.Keep It 1.2
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