Juno Ju-X has released a free demo version of Sequera

[prMac.com] Los Angeles, California – Sequera is sporty. Like driving a tuned sport car, you will play first note in a second. You will play phrases in a few seconds. Even if you forget to prepare data for your gig, you are fine. You can compose it onstage.

Sequera is designed exclusively to be very, very close to playing acoustic instruments in terms of quickness. Every single thing is designed for the speed of composition. Pointer travel time is even minimized to save any microseconds. This is why all the elements are on one single window and no large button knobs are there.

Super featherweight performance and accuracy!

Sequera has been light-weighted hardly and severely. No heavy graphic stuffs are on. This is also closely related to its accuracy, and every timing-related thing has been highly brushed up. Any slow codes are taken off and all things are strictly organized.

A bunch of extraordinary approaches!

If you are only about making up a traditional phrase, you can do so in seconds. But you will see that you went through very different paths till finishing up your phrase. Sequera’s procedure of composition is based on how “live” music is. Bunches of experimental features are built-in, bending pitches free you from chromatic scale. CC Sequence lets you do a complex sound design. Memory function is great to perform sequencer in a truly new way, and still more!

The advantage of using Sequera:
Sequera is ideal for finding a unique melody, chord progression, experimental grooves, or impressive to comprehensive sound design. With Sequera, your imagination is the limit!

Basic features:
* Concentrated, 8-track by 16-step note grid (up to 32 steps)
* Super fast note composition, erasing and switching by clicking as well as hitting computer keys
* Pitch transpose
* Mechanical LED-look ruler
* Note positional randomization
* Another randomization feature for notes on the 8th track
* Completely selectable steps to be looped
* Mute for each step and track individually

Even More:
* “Groove Pallet” handles note duration, velocity, and timing of notes all in one place. Each element can be looped in different cycles
* Selectable Midi note number and pitch-bend for each track as well as Midi channel. This combination utilizes micro-tuning too
* “CC Mode” that sequences Midi-cc commands neatly
* Memory function for note, duration, velocity, and timing individually
* Also Save function files those memory contents as two Single Files
* Syncs via Midi beat clock with other devices and the timing lag follows to it
* All works can be done on the single main window
* Sensibly built for highest preciseness and accuracy even while optimized in real-time performance

* Mac OSX 10.6 or above
* 64Bit Processor (core2duo or later CPU is 64Bit capable)

Try Sequera Demo today! No registration is required so just simply download it, install it by drag-n-drop, and toss in trash for uninstallation.Ju-X LLC
Sequera 1.2
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Ju-X LLC was created in April 2003 by Juno Ju-X, who is a product design engineer originally from Osaka, Japan. Juno and his company are currently based in California where they offer many services dealing in music and sound creation software’s. When Ju-X began, it primarily dealt in repairing rare electronics and electronic musical instrument. The company has came a good distance since it’s early beginnings. In fact, Ju-X has grown through the years to offer even more services. For example, in 2006, the company began offering services to digitally modify music sequencers and drum machines. Then, in 2008, they made a move towards the software industry. However, it was not until 2011 when Ju-X’s first app project for Mac launched. The program is called Sequera and it is a professional music sequencer, designed for the next generation. Copyright (C) 2003-2013 Ju-X LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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