Jumsoft bring new features to popular Toolbox and Templates Apps

[prMac.com] Vilnius, Lithuania – Jumsoft today announced they are updating their highly popular Toolbox apps and standalone template products to include new features. Jumsoft’s productivity template apps are the most popular apps in their categories on the App Store worldwide. With a total of over 40,000 high-quality templates across these apps, they are a natural choice when looking for templates, themes, infographics, and other design elements for documents and presentations.

The most recent update from Jumsoft brings the new Customer Center feature, which is designed to make reaching out to developers much easier than before. The feature is already available on the most popular Toolbox for Pages and Toolbox for Keynote apps, as well as Toolbox for MS Office, and will be rolling out across other Jumsoft’s productivity apps in the coming days.

“Being the best on the market for numerous consecutive years requires constant concentration on analysing trends, businesses, industries, and, naturally, customer feedback, so we could offer relevant content for everyone within our apps” – explained Algirdas Unguvaitis, CEO of Jumsoft. “The new Customer Center feature in our Toolbox and other productivity apps marks the next step that we took to be closer to our customers. It enables users to quickly and easily reach out to us to share their opinions, feedback, but most important of all – conveniently send us template requests. We have the broadest and most comprehensive selection of productivity templates on the market, and we keep to our commitment to expand it further!”

The Customer Center resides within a button by the search bar and clicking it opens up 4 options to the user:
1. Rate the app on the App Store: App Store ratings make sure that satisfied users can share their love with the others to make it more discoverable, or discern it from other products.
2. Request Template: while Jumsoft have made sure that with over a total of 40,000 items across their apps, every user finds a great variety of useful items for their work, a user can now easily request Jumsoft designers to elaborate on a specific topic or industry, offer a different design to ensure that they have exactly what they need for their work.
3. Report a Problem: if there are any issues with the app or it does not seem to work right, the user can now easily report a problem to Jumsoft technical support team to get assistance and solutions quickly.
4. Send me News: subscribes the user to the occasional newsletters from Jumsoft announcing new products and great deals on existing ones.

In addition to the Customer Center, the most recent update modifies the content handling system within the apps so they will become much quicker and resource-efficient for everyone. The update also brings Touch Bar support for the most recent MacBook Pro models. The updates have already started rolling out on the App Store and will be available to all users within the following days.Jumsoft
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Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Jumsoft is a privately funded company, founded in 2002. Committed to developing highest-quality applications, Jumsoft consists of a team of macOS and iOS experts and enthusiasts who dedicate their time to develop amazing tools for personal and professional use. Copyright 2002-2017 Jumsoft. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iWork and macOS are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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