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[] Berlin, Germany – TnT Brain GbR today is pleased to announce that their new iPad Apps “Jotto” and “Jotto ABC” are now available on the App Store. Jotto and Jotto ABC are Apps that use the iPad’s superb screen size to turn the device into a drawing board for kids. Both Apps teach young children to draw their first simple images respectively to write letters and numbers in a fun and easy way.

Kids learn by following the movements of an animated pencil called “Jotto”. They are not just drawing over a static image – they are practicing drawing and correct writing patterns and orders by tracing the movements of their cartoon friend. Very soon the kids are able to leave Jotto behind and draw the images or write the letters on their own.

The App Jotto teaches how to draw a variety of different motives such as animals, flowers, a car, a house, an aircraft, a fire truck and much more.

The App Jotto ABC teaches how to write the letters ‘A’ to ‘Z’ (capital and non capital) of the latin alphabet and the numbers ‘0’ to ‘9’, whereas the children can also practice the correct writing patterns and orders instead of just copying an image.

Both Apps are modeled as a drawing board for children and are as easy to use. Their user interface is specifically designed to be kid friendly. There are only a few very obvious buttons and graphics which are completely self explanatory to a toddler, and no confusing buttons and pop-up windows with text or instructions.

The Apps contain an additional “freehand” mode that the children can use draw on the canvas with their finger or a stylus, selecting images respectively characters and numbers and placing them as a stamp anywhere on the page. It’s a great way for kids to build their first more elaborated pictures and in case of Jotto ABC to build their first words and names.

Pricing and Availability:
Jotto and Jotto ABC are available for sale on the App Store. During their introduction period they are available for $0.99 only. In order to see Jotto and Jotto ABC in action there is a video available. Please visit TnT Brain GbR for more information about Jotto, Jotto ABC or other Apps from TnT Brain.Jotto
Jotto ABC
YouTube Video
YouTube Video (ABC)
Screenshot (Jotto)
Screenshot (Jotto ABC)

TnT Brain GbR is based in Berlin/Germany and was founded in 2010 by two engineers for the purpose of creating easy-to-use and well designed mobile applications for iOS and other mobile platforms. Copyright (C) 2010-2012 TnT Brain GbR. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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