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[] Seoul, South Korea – UbiNuri Inc, has announced the release of the latest out-of-this-world Run RPG mobile app, Rush & Fantasy. The app is a combination of a Run Game and a classic Role-Playing Game (RPG). With Rush & Fantasy, players will encounter mobile gaming like never before, with brand new challenges, monsters to defeat and adventurous dungeons to explore.

Players embark on a journey as one of four heroes. They will meet heroes like OSian, Elato and Paladog, who can help defeat the monsters with horrifying delight. As they make their way through the game, defeating monsters and combining strength, players can unlock a total of 22 heroes to play.

Rush & Fantasy features twenty-five graphically stimulating dungeons and five ways of exploring these dungeons with a steady build-up of excitement and thrills. In one dungeon, players may go on a monster raid, slaying as many monsters as possible. Players can enter a dungeon in single-play mode or in multi-play mode, depending on their preference. Players receive rewards after entering a dungeon including Normal, Fever and Clearing.

As players progress through the game as their chosen hero, they will collect cards for a satisfying reward. There are four types of cards: Ability, Skill, Special, and Item. The cards can be combined with others, strengthened and upgraded. If players don’t pay attention to their card collection, they risk not moving forward in the game.

“It’s not just an action game, it’s a card game too, with plenty of exciting play and spectacular graphics,” says Lena Kwon. “Without the cards, players can’t reach higher levels.”

Rush & Fantasy is sure to bring Run game fans and newbies alike hours of exciting play and endless challenges. It is available in the iTunes App Store and GooglePlay Store. So players, prepare to take on this exciting world of monsters and dungeons! Just don’t forget to collect the cards too.

* 22 Heroes to play as
* 25 dungeons to explore with 5 themes. Rewards include Normal, Fever and Clearing
* FeverMode turns on when the fever gage is at 100%.
* Variety of Cards to collect and strengthen: Ability Cards; Skill Cards; Special Cards; Item Cards

Device Requirements:
* iOS requirement: 4.3 or later
* Compatible with iPhone and Android
* iOS Size: 62.7 MB
* Language: English

Pricing and Availability
The Rush & Fantasy App 1.0.0 is available for Free in the iTunes App Store in the Gaames category. It is also available on GooglePlay in Canada & Brazil.UbiNuri
Rush & Fantasy 1.0.0
Download from Google Play
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###Lena Kwon
Product Manager
Korea, Republic Of
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