Jigsaw Box for iPad Tops 3 Million Puzzle Games Per Month

[prMac.com] Dublin, Ireland – Sparkle Apps announces today that their Free-to-Play jigsaw puzzle game Jigsaw Box 3.1.3 now attracts over 3 million puzzle games per month. Jigsaw Box brings the classic family jigsaw puzzle in to the modern age of touch screen devices. Sparkle Apps has increased games played with Jigsaw Box from 1.2 million games per month in January 2012 to 3.2 million games per month today.

“People love playing jigsaws and Jigsaw Box is the best jigsaw experience on iPad” said Paul Reilly, founder of Sparkle Apps. The app appeals to players of all ages from 2 years to 90 years old. All the puzzles in Jigsaw Box can be played at a level to suit the players ability, from small 8 piece puzzles for kids, to over 250 pieces for adults.

Jigsaw pieces are beautifully rendered with beveled edges, and there is a choice of relaxing background music to accompany the game. A range of useful tools allows players to select the edge pieces only and to collect and sort pieces in a tray. For those that need a little help, a preview of the puzzle can be displayed on screen or in the background.

The app comes bundled with a large selection of puzzles, and new puzzle packs can be purchased very cheaply in the Puzzle Store. Due to customer demand, new puzzle packs are now added to the Puzzle Store every Friday. “Customers were always asking for more and more puzzles, so we introduced Puzzle Friday. Customers now know exactly when new puzzles come out, and always have something new to puzzle for the weekend” said Paul.

One of the most popular features of the app is the Puzzle Maker. Using the Puzzle Maker players can create their own puzzles from their photos. Creating puzzles of familiar people and places adds a new level of fun and engagement to game play. “Kids love doing puzzles of people and places that are familiar to them” commented Paul. Playing puzzles has long been recognized as an important learning tool for kids because recognizing and analyzing patterns is the foundation of reading, math and logic skills. Puzzling is also a great way for people to keep their minds active, because it exercises both the logical (left) and creative (right) side of the brain at the same time.

In November 2012, Sparkle Apps switched from a paid model to a free-to-play model for Jigsaw Box. All of the core features of the app are now free to play, including the ability to create puzzles from photos. What’s more, Sparkle Apps release one free puzzle pack every month, so there are always new free puzzles to play.

Feature Highlights:
* Free-to-Play (all the features of the app are free to play)
* Range of sizes to suit all ages and abilities
* The Puzzle Maker to create puzzles from photos
* New puzzle packs every “Puzzle Friday”
* Choice of relaxing background music
* Free puzzles every month

These features of Jigsaw Box and more can be seen on the Sparkle Apps YouTube channel.

Language Support:
English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese

Device Requirements:
* Requires iPad with iOS 5.0 or later
* 45.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Jigsaw Box 3.1.3 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.Jigsaw Box 3.1.3
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