Jawwy TV announces its latest original production ‘Shofna Chef’

Intigral, a leading provider of digital entertainment and sports in MENA and a subsidiary of stc group, has unveiled Jawwy TV’s latest original production “Shofna Chef” set to air from 22nd of October 2020.

The new lifestyle show features the talented Saudi chef ‘Noor’, and follows her on a journey to explore new cuisines and flavor secrets from around the world, namely in seven different destinations including San Sebastian, Paris, Sevilla, Geneva, Courchevel, Cap Ferret and Jeddah. She learns to cook three to four unique local dishes in each of those cities, and also meets with a Michelin Star winning chef in each to learn more about the local food culture and its unique flavors.

The new production’s first season encompasses 7 episodes. Through the series, Jawwy TV delves into the lifestyle and cooking reality content category for the first time, presenting audiences with a new concept to enjoy. This comes following the remarkable success achieved by Jawwy TV’s original productions over the last couple of months which enabled the platform to record rising viewership rates and gain growing appeal amongst audiences in the Kingdom and beyond.

Intigral CEO Markus Golder hailed the new series as another milestone achieved by Jawwy TV on its journey to become the leading OTT provider in the region. He stated: “We are thrilled to release ‘Shofna Chef’ which is set to further augment Jawwy TV’s position in the industry, not only as a digital entertainment provider but also as a production entity presenting a wide array of acclaimed original productions.”

He additionally reiterated Intigral’s keenness to support Saudi Arabia’s young talents by providing them with empowering opportunities to take the stage and fill impactful roles within the production and entertainment sectors as outlined in the Saudi Vision 2030.

Notably, Jawwy TV has produced 13 original titles since July 2019, kicking-off its efforts with the acclaimed Saudi action-comedy ‘Galabt Jad’, followed by the comedy show ‘Celebrity Studio’ (Studio Al Mashaher), the comedy-thriller ‘Bel Sa’a’, the reality adventure and travel show ‘La Nwagef’, the comedy series ‘FBI’, and finally the new cooking reality show ‘Shofna Chef’.

To enjoy Jawwy TV’s original productions in addition to 23,000+ video titles and an extensive list of 200+ live streaming channels, including prominent global and regional networks like OSN, FOX, StarzPlay, Wide Khaliji and many more, subscribe by visiting www.jawwy.tv or downloading ‘Jawwy TV’ application from app stores, or contact stc customer service on 900 to order your home device.

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