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[prMac.com] London, United Kingdom – For the hundreds of thousands of iWeb sites out there, this a big day: Now those sites can be found.

Search Engine Optimization at the fundamental level requires three simple things for search engines like Google and Bing to rank a website: A page Title, a description and some keywords. They then compare these to the content, titles, site links and external backlinks of a website in order to get a feel for what the site is about and how to rank it for various keywords and phrases. The problem is, as much as iWeb has always been so simple to create amazing websites so easily – usually hosted with MobileMe before it’s demise in June 2012 – actually getting the SEO building blocks in place has been one of the most difficult tasks a Mac user might ever have to face. One of the reasons for this, apart from Apple just leaving it out, is that iWeb has a very clever, but complicated way of coding up pages. Of course this is completely invisible to the user when a host-ready website is churned out and published.

MacMate have overcome this problem with some clever software at the server level of their much-acclaimed MacMate service. The Meta-Tags (title, description and keywords) – for each and every page can be set once and then injected into the page on every visit. That means no more publishing to the desktop using the usual favorite tools like iWeb SEO and then uploading the site via FTP. Or no more leaving the site without the crucial SEO optimizations for the website never to be seen on the net again!

Gary Hall, CEO of MacMate was delighted to announce the inclusion of SEO injectors, “We’ve been improving MacMate on a weekly basis since we launched in April and are readying a brand new version for release in a couple of weeks. It’ll feature a new interface, new gallery themes, iOS app and will come in three flavors. It’s a hugely exciting time for us all at MacMate.”

SEO Injectors are included as a free service with MacMate’s easy to use 4 in 1 cloud solution combining a 10gig Cloud Disk, Galleries, Web Hosting and Email in one $99 / 65 per year product.

MacMate has already received rave reviews – 5 star editors choice from Macworld and 4/5 Mice from MacUser magazine. It’s the easiest way to host your iWeb site but is gathering a following from Mac-users the world over simply as a hosting platform for any site, be they created in Rapidweaver, Freeway, Sandvox or Dreamweaver. One-click publish and update works perfectly in all of them, including early versions of iWeb.

It’s Cloud disk is a fast, reliable and incredibly easy to use replacement for iDisk. Galleries is the simplest way to showcase and backup your photos and Email stems from 16 years of history in perfecting MacMate’s email system culminating in a first class email system usually reserved for business and corporate users but now available to everyone with a Mac. And, unlike MobileMe and iCloud email, MacMate Email doesn’t suffer the same outages – in fact promising 100% up time because of an ingenious duo-synchronous mail architecture.

Domains can be purchased and added on-the-fly, emails added, quotas adjusted, storage space upgraded and, coming soon, users will be able to host multiple sites with multiple domains.

MacMate claim that “The Cloud just got simple” and simple, yet powerful, is exactly what MacMate is all about.MacMate

MacMate(R) is an exciting new service that was catapulted to success and used by tens of thousands of users since MobileMe disappeared in June. Created and powered by award-winning Mac specialist ISP MacAce – based in New York and London. MacAce is a leading provider of a full range of internet services since 1996 including hosting, email, data storage and internet access solutions as well as telephony systems, broadband and Fibre in the UK. MacAce was voted the UK’s best ISP recently in the 2012 ISPA Customer Choice Awards. Copyright (C) 2012 MacMate. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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