Is Your Phone Slowly Killing You? This New App Can Help

[] Boston, Massachusetts – Our smart phones, we truly love them. They help us stay connected, be productive, and keep us perpetually entertained. But is there a dark side to all that high-tech goodness? According to a new app, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Released today by Atlantia Software, The No Phone Challenge is a new app that aims to liberate you from your smart phone addiction by coaching you through a 30 day challenge. The premise is simple, it’s impossible to completely ditch your beloved device, so instead, just put it down for an hour each day, for 30 days. Open the app every day and you’ll find a grid of days showing your current progress. Tap on a day in order to start a session, the app will force you to put your phone face down for the duration of the session and will give you audio feedback when you’ve reached the allotted time. Pick up your phone before the time is up and you fail the challenge, succeed and the app will let you share your achievement with friends via standard iOS sharing options.

“I’m obviously a huge fan of smart phones, I make my living writing software for them” said Nick Bonatsakis, developer at Atlantia Software and the app’s creator. “But, I started to notice that tons of people just can’t step away from their devices, opting to obsessively check Facebook and E-mail over enjoying in-person conversation”, he added. He went on to say, “After coming across a number of interesting pieces of research that demonstrated quantitative adverse physical and menal effects of smart phone over-use, I decided I wanted to do something about it, so I created this app. There are a bunch of other apps that track your phone usage, but I’ve found that an approach which treats the problem as more of a fitness goal just makes more sense.” Finally, he remarked, “To me, it’s really not just about putting down your phone, but also about doing something human while it’s away. So, the app encourages you to take baby steps, by only stepping away for 60 minutes per day, and giving you suggestions for things you may want to do to fill that time, like sharing a meal with a loved one or reading a book.”

Feature Highlights:
* Easily track your No Phone progress at a glance
* Challenge timer and movement detection to help ensure you keep your phone face down
* Social sharing of challenge milestones
* Helpful tips and articles regarding risks of smart phone over-use

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, and iPod touch
* Optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6/6 Plus
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later

Pricing and Availability
Available right now, The No Phone Challenge 1.0 is $1.99 and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.The No Phone Challenge 1.0.0
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