iPlan myTime: Your Calendar on a Timeline – Version 1.6 Now Available

[prMac.com] London, United Kingdom – iPlan myTime 1.6 takes the calendar to the next level. Not only it allows you to view your appointments in different ways but it gives you the tools to organise and manage your time by displaying your tasks on an editable timeline.

Time is money and we all need to manage our tasks in order meet our deadlines. Miss management of time can effect the quality of our work and our relationship with our clients. Project management is not pretty, and traditionally the available tools have been geared towards large projects making them too cumbersome to be used for small proposals or by individuals. Also to use a calendar to plan out a project is awkward and lacks the required flexibility. In any project things change and one needs the simple tools to edit and change a series of tasks to reflect these changes.

iPlan myTime addresses these issues by firstly being a full fledged calendar app, allowing you to display fully, or in parts as it might be relevant, your calendars which then can be combined with your project timeline. iPlan myTime organises your tasks to your working day and will not only represent your tasks graphically but also can calculate how many hours each task will take. This is huge, helping you to visualise the whole of your project or how each part relates to each other, combined with the power of on screen editing makes iPlan myTime an essential tool for managing projects as they develop and change. This information can then be exported as graphic timeline or tab delineated table, where it can be used in project presentations.

iPlan myTime gives you the flexibility to sync in many different ways. Firstly you can sync with your Calendar app and use iPlan myTime as an extension of your calendar. Secondly, you might not want your Calendar to be over populated with individual project tasks, so iPlan myTime gives you the option of saving a project to your device, and sharing it with other devices using iCloud. Thirdly, you can combine the two options and have your project on your iPhone, syncing using iCloud and then also displaying your appointments from your Calendar app. In this way can easily see how your an individual project tasks relate to your schedule without overwhelming your Calendar with content.

Even if you are part of a large team that uses a project management tool, you still would benefit from using iPlan myTime to plan out your tasks which you can then share with your colleagues.

Feature Highlights:
* Display your Calendars as a list, month view or as a timeline
* Edit your tasks visually
* Change the length of a task
* Move a group of tasks up or down the timeline
* Create multiple project
* Share your and export your project timelines:
– As images
– As tab delineated table
– As a Desktop image
* Extensive Timezone support
* Extensive syncing options with the Calendar app
* iCloud support and syncing

What’s new in version 1.6:
As well as a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, specially relating to use of iCloud, 2 main features have been enhanced and added to this version.

1. TimeZone support:
As the world is becoming smaller and we all either travel or need to be aware of events in other timezones we feel that a Calendar app should be able to display information in different timezones clearly. Most standard calendars apps are unintuitive when moving between timezones, suddenly everything changes and you have no indication what appointment belongs to where. The ability of the “iPlan my Time” to handle Timezones has been enhanced and extended. As before, an appointment set in another timezone is clearly marked with a badge, and tapping on the badge will show the time of the appointment in that specific timezone. In this version you can now set different Timezones for different appointments which would then be displayed relative to the project timezone and clearly marked with a badge.

2. Week View:
A new system for displaying information for a week has been added. Now in the monh view tapping on a date, will display the appointments for that date, and swiping left or right will display schedules for the adjacent days. making it easy to review your whole week.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* Compatible with iPhone 5
* 4.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
iPlan myTime 1.6 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.iPlan myTime 1.6
Download from iTunes
Press Kit (zip)

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