IPEVO Releases Pen-to-Pointer-Length Telescoping Stylus for iPad

[prMac.com] Sunnyvale, California – IPEVO, a designer and maker of technology products for education, business and consumers, has just announced the release of their newest product, the Telescoping Stylus. Designed for touchscreen devices such as the iPad and other tablet computers, the Telescoping Stylus combines a stylus and pointer in a single compact device. The new product is now available via the IPEVO online store at a price of $19.

In stylus mode, the Telescoping Stylus measures 5.4″ (13.7cm). With a gentle pull, the user can extend the stylus, courtesy of a telescoping design, to a pointer length of 15.2″ (38.5cm). The stylus offers ultra-precise operation and fine control, while the pointer provides the ideal length for teaching and business presentations in a group setting.

The Telescoping Stylus is made from bronze and weighs 21 grams, offering an optimal feel and weight in the hand. Also aiding precise operation is an omnidirectional rubber tip which has been specially formulated for touchscreens. A range of operations are possible – from drawing, writing, gaming and typing to everyday app and browser navigation – all while the touchscreen remains free from the smudges resulting from direct fingertip use.

“The Telescoping Stylus came about as a way to help educators do their jobs just a little bit better,” said Royce Hong, CEO and big head of design of IPEVO. “iPad and other touchscreen e-learning is making waves across all sectors of education, and we wanted to meet the needs of educators on this learning frontier. The Telescoping Stylus’ two-in-one versatility gives educators as well as businesspeople and individuals a better way to shift between presenting and solo use. And the device’s solid feel and high level of craftsmanship makes any operation an assured one.”

The Telescoping Stylus for iPad and touchscreen devices is now available at the IPEVO online store at a price of $19.00 (USD).IPEVO
IPEVO Telescoping Stylus

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