iPad platformer game Bad Girl soft-launched in Australia

[prMac.com] Klaipeda, Lithuania – Today Realore announces the beginning of a soft-launch phase of their brand new game Bad Girl. The title is available for download on the Australian Apple App Store. For now the game is playable on iPads with an iPhone version coming soon.

Bad Girl is a fast-paced platformer set in the Stone Age. The main protagonist of the game is a funny and tough kid who lives in a prehistoric wilderness. She may seem little but she packs a big punch. When her friends are kidnapped by the brute cave men she does not hesitate to arm herself with a huge club and go on a rescue mission. Each level gives players plenty of room to run and jump on platforms collecting golden coins. The episodes of the game are set in a variety of locations and are inhabited by various foes. Some can be defeated by a hit of a club or a jump on their heads while others are too big and powerful. When players meet these hulking creatures their only choice is to run as fast as they can and lure the bad guys into a trap at the end of the level.

The game offers players a variety of missions. There are cute little animals to save, coins to collect, and secret collectibles to be found on each stage. Some stages have keys that allow players to open next episodes. The looks of the heroine can be customized with different outfits that players can unlock by playing the game. Sometimes the main protagonist gets help from her friends – prehistoric animals of the Stone Age. She can ride a boar who clears the path of obstacle and enemies with his tusks or fly a pterodactyl to escape tricky areas and vicious enemies.

Bad Girls controls are accessible and minimalistic so that every player can just pick up the game and start playing. Completing advanced levels, on the other hand, requires players to obtain great skill to overcome the obstacles.

The game looks and sounds like a drawn cartoon. Bad Girl’s soundtrack not only sets the upbeat tone of the title but also keeps players sharp and ready. The graphics of the game are full of color as well as interesting details in the environment and character design.Bad Girl is available as a free download from the Australian App Store right now.Realore
Bad Girl (f2p) 1.0
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