iPad mini: Ideal eReader for Kids’ Book Apps

[prMac.com] Austin, Texas – The selection of educational book apps on iTunes has positioned the iPad mini to become the eReader of choice for kids, according to Carisa Kluver, founder of Digital Storytime, a children’s book app review site.

“While the iPad mini’s price point and portability make it an attractive holiday option for families,” Kluver said, “it’s the explosive growth on iTunes of quality book apps – a hybrid of an eBook and a game – that make it irresistible in the educational technology world.”

With more than 600 reviews of children’s book apps on her site, Digital Storytime, has become a trusted source for parents, educators and librarians shopping for educational quality story book apps. Because the iTunes App Store’s “Books” category of book apps exceeds the offerings of other platforms such as Android and Kindle in quality and quantity, the iPad mini is a natural choice for families and educators looking to engage children in reading through book apps.

“Book apps often have narration, animation, music or text highlighting, all interactive elements that help kids stay with the reading material,” Kluver said.

Karen Robertson of Austin, Texas, wrote and developed two book apps in the “Treasure Kai” series, to help her dyslexic son read. The award-winning apps have been recognized for the unique way they use interactivity to engage kids with stories.

“My son loves stories, but reading is very difficult for him. Book apps deliver a multi-sensory reading experience that differs from simply watching stories on a video,” Robertson said. “He loves book apps that use touch to bring him into the story.”

Kluver predicts that the iPad mini’s size, which fits better in smaller hands, and its lower cost also will make the tablet a popular choice for educators. “Schools already are getting grants for iPad carts and to move to electronic learning and curriculum,” she said. “Book apps on an iPad mini offer the increased engagement of learning through technology.”

Julie Landry Laviolette, a mom who wrote and developed “Brush of Truth,” a book app for tweens, said the app is being used on classroom iPads already to excite kids about reading. The app has been recognized for its appeal to reluctant readers.

“With the iPad mini, I see growth in the book app market for classroom use,” said Laviolette, of Fort Lauderdale, FL. “Book apps are an affordable alternative to both paper and eBooks, and they provide more interactivity.”

Digital Storytime has more than 600 reviews of the best iPad picture book apps and is a valued resource for parents, teachers and librarians seeking detailed reviews of quality book apps. The site also has top 10 lists, news of free and discounted apps, and “The Digital Media Diet” blog about digital publishing, kid lit and parenting in the digital age.Digital Storytime
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