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[prMac.com] London, United Kingdom – Critics and eBook buyers were wowed by the first eBook in the Inside Burgundy series: Cote de Beaune. The second title, ‘Inside Burgundy: Cote de Nuits’, launched June 17, has all the lavish interactive elements that made its predecessor a success – and several new features. It takes readers on an unmatched interactive journey through the heart of Burgundy, the region of France where some of the world’s most prized wines are made.

The quality of the first BBR Press eBook, Cote de Beaune, was recognized by Apple themselves, which showcased the publication at a London, England, event in January.

Cote de Nuits is launched June 17 and is available on the iBookstore at the special price of $12.99 until June 25. The price thereafter will be $24.99, the same as its companion volume Cote de Beaune.

The eBook is built using Apple’s iBooks Author program; it can be viewed on any iPad or iPad Mini – and on a Mac when OS X Mavericks arrives this fall. It is listed on iBookstores in 51 markets worldwide.

Berry Bros and Rudd Press chose the iBooks Author route for creating their eBooks after exhaustive research into eBook options, both creative and routes to market. Says Simon Berry, chairman of BBR Press, “When Berry Bros. and Rudd Press published Jasper’s Inside Burgundy, we already realised that the old-tech elegance of the 656-page volume might be complemented by the new-tech world of eBooks. For one thing, two kilos is a little unwieldy if you’re visiting the vineyards…

“For us, using the iBooks Author route allows us to retain quality control, and has let us evolve the title into a very different but equally beautiful product to stand alongside the classic paper version.”

Jasper Morris, the author, is a Master of Wine and has spent 30 years living and working in Burgundy. For this new eBook he has explored top Grand Cru vineyards on foot to survey them for new, never-before-seen, plans. These interactive plans show precisely where each wine estate has its vines. Readers can tap their iPad screen to zoom in on the plans, and to link directly to the author’s text on the estates and their wines.

As well as the new plans, the eBook adds superb photography and video clips and zoomable maps. Profiles of the wines domaines, expanded and updated from the printed book, detail vines, wines, techniques and philosophies. There are now 130 profiles – a dozen entirely new. And there are descriptions and appraisals of 260 vineyards over the eBook’s 380 pages.

The original hardcover book, which is still in print and on sale for $75/50, has been acclaimed as the definitive reference on this subtle and complex region. With the eBooks, author and publisher have expanded and updated the coverage of the wines and the vineyards, adding valuable interactive features.

Chris Foulkes of Berry Bros. and Rudd Press adds: “The new videos take the reader into the heart of the grand crus with the author. See just how the soil differs over a ten-yard stretch: a contrast spotted centuries ago by the monks who planted the vineyards. The superb interactive maps show just where each vineyard is, allowing readers to study contour lines and compass direction to discover just why certain plots consistently make superior wines. These innovative maps do much to make clear the complexities of Burgundy.”

Readers can personalize their copy of Cote de Nuits with their own notes, adding their impressions on wines to those of the author, and even turn their notes into study cards – making the eBook a personal reference. The iPad’s portability makes the eBook a superb companion on visits to the Burgundy region.BBR Press
Inside Burgundy: C�te de Nuits
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Berry Bros. and Rudd Press was formed by Simon Berry, Chairman of Berry Bros. and Rudd, and Jasper Morris MW to publish ‘necessary books’ on wine and kindred subjects. Completing the team are wine-book editors and publishers Chris Foulkes and Carrie Segrave and art director Lizzie Ballantyne. London’s oldest wine firm: Over 314 years ago, Berry Bros. and Rudd opened its shop at 3 St James’s Street, opposite St James’s Palace, where it still stands today. Members of the Berry and Rudd families continue to own and manage the family-run wine merchant, providing the closest link between those who make the wine and those who drink it. The firm may be over three centuries old, but it is at the forefront of e-commerce, having produced the first (1994) and award-winning wine website, an online one-stop shop which includes expert advice from Berry’s own wine advisors, and the first wine app. Copyright (C) 2013 Berry Bros. and Rudd Press. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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