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[] Varna, Bulgaria – Available today, 411Writers’ App Description Writing services aim to help iOS app developers engage more downloaders and rank better in the App Store. The description content will be completed based on the App Store’s specific guidelines and adjusted according to the factors that matter for the search algorithm.

Just like regular product description, the app description aims to give detailed information about a certain application in a way that engages the users, drives downloads, and gives accurate information at the same time. The writers also adjust the content according to App Store’s specific requirements. The end users receive new title suggestions, two short description options, one main description (2,000 characters minimum), competition beneficial keyword research, and a detailed explanation of the specific strategy.

“We were looking to expand our content writing services and our team researched different markets in need of text content for months. ‘Portable’ and ‘mobile’ are the current trends, so everyone greeted the idea of conquering the mobile app market,” said Nick Georgiev, a leading content writer at 411Writers, about the company’s new service.

A single App Description Writing service is worth $30. Since many apps have listings in Google Play as well and duplicate content is not tolerated, 411Writers will provide you with 2 different and unique descriptions for $50. The users should fill up the purchase form in 411Writers’ website, but there’s also an option to complete the payment via PayPal.411Writers’ Homepage
411Writers’ Description Writing Services
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