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[] Toronto, Canada – Looking for a map of Grand Cayman for iOS 6? Conch Pearl Media Inc. has now released SpotCayman v.1.3 which is now the only app for Grand Cayman that is iOS 6 compatible!

Need to know where that little local restaurant is that serves gluten free food? Need an emergency dentist? Does your little guy want a pool noodle? Did you blow a flip-flop and need a new pair?

You can never have “too much” information!

SpotCayman is the only app for Grand Cayman that is a travel guide, is GPS navigational and shows where you are and the point you wish to go and a business directory all in one. Discover and experience all of the great places or things you are missing whether you are travelling here or living here. Be prepared for all of the little things that might happen while you’re in Grand Cayman.

SpotCayman has thousands of spots and it is updating with new spots and exclusive content daily. “Search Places Or Things”, whether you are planning a trip, visiting on vacation, on a cruise ship or living in Grand Cayman. We are the only app which, along with everything else, has over 200 restaurants!

This is not a canned database. All spots have been compiled and checked individually. Everything, all over the island, from local restaurants, Grand Cayman hotels, attractions, charity and sporting events, banks, schools, libraries, post offices, famous beaches like Seven Mile Beach and Rum Point, government agencies, gas stations, car dealerships, latitude and longitude for scuba diving in Grand Cayman and snorkel locations, churches, spas, gyms, doctors, dentists, accountants, webcams, newspapers, and grocery and retail stores. We have thought of everything you might need and have included it in the app.

SpotCayman is not your typical travel destination app because there is exclusive content and functionality built into it that is not found in other competing apps. We are not affiliated with any organizations and have no vested interest in any business in Grand Cayman, we want you to find what you need in SpotCayman.

* View a location and see your location with GPS tracking capability. With SpotCayman, maps are available both online and offline. We are the only app for Grand Cayman to have upgraded for iOS 6.
* Zoomable and tappable maps
* Advanced search capability by district, name, phone number, keyword and address, allows you easy accessibility to all of the Spots in the app. This is where the power really is in SpotCayman! Type in anything from vegetarian, gluten free, seafood, webcam, news, breakfast and our search engine provides you with all of the results you need. No other app for Grand Cayman utilizes keywords.
* Dial to Spots with just a single tap (on iPhone)
* Access Spot websites with just a single tap
* Send email to Spots directly should you require additional information
* Avoid expensive roaming fees. SpotCayman can be used both online and offline. All content can be viewed instantly, from anywhere, without an internet connection, even our maps.
* Easily save the Spots you are most interested in to your “Favourites” for quick access later
* SpotCayman is the most comprehensive app for Grand Cayman, with over 200 restaurants, 55 wifi hotspots – you just can’t have too much information!

iOS 4.3 and newer is required for this app.SpotCayman
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Located in Toronto, Canada, Conch Pearl Media Inc. is a brand new dynamic and interactive app developer launched in 2011 by Lisa Fenn Butcher. In 2012 Conch Pearl Media Inc. released SpotCayman, the most interactive and location aware travel guide iOS app for the island of Grand Cayman. Copyright (C) 2012 Conch Pearl Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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