Introducing Theodolite 5.0 – now with offline Outdoors maps

[] Williamsburg, Virginia – Hunter Research and Technology is excited to announce version 5.0 of its flagship augmented reality navigation app. Theodolite is a multi-function viewfinder for iPhone and iPad that combines a compass, two-axis inclinometer, rangefinder, GPS, map, nav calculator, tracker, and geo-tag photo/movie camera into one indispensable app. Uses are endless, and the app is great for hiking, boating, hunting, golf, outdoor sports, sightseeing, navigation, and finding your way around. With professional grade features, Theodolite is used extensively by surveyors, geologists, architects, engineers, competitive sportsmen, first responders, military personnel, and search and rescue workers around the world.

Theodolite can take geo-tagged camera images, screenshots, movies, and screen movies directly from the app, with 2X and 4X digital zoom and fast buffered saves. Geographical data and custom notes can be overlaid directly on photos and movies for later reference.

Users can view current position on the built in map view, with optional new Outdoors maps. Theodolite Outdoors maps are the result of a year of development and testing, and are ready for active outdoor lifestyles and pro users. Theodolite Outdoors maps use detailed coloring and shading to show terrain and land cover with spectacular fidelity, and include topo contours (feet or meters), roads, trails, landmarks, campgrounds, ski lifts, and more. Built on MapBox and OpenStreetMap cartography, Theodolite outdoors maps have solid data in the city or out in the middle of nowhere. And when out in the middle of nowhere, users can count on Theodolite’s new offline map mode to access outdoors maps stored on the device.

Theodolite’s pro features include a reference angle mode, nav calculator, data logging, e-mail export with KML, system-wide clipboard integration, percent grade display, mil compass readout, optical rangefinders (including a mil-based reticle, sniper-style stadiametric graphs, and a variable 4X-24X scope), and colored lens filters to improve use in dark conditions and preserve night vision. The app can provide location in military grid reference system (MGRS) coordinates, universal transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates, British/Irish National Grids, US National Grid, US State Plane coordinates, and six latitude/longitude formats. The optional Datum Pack adds over 230 geodetic datums to the app for more accurate position and altitude computation from GPS data, covering regions and countries on all continents around the world.

Theodolite 5.0 is on sale for a 50%-off introductory price. Sale pricing for Theodolite carries over to the Outdoor Adventure App Bundles from Hunter Research, which combine up to five popular outdoors apps at a great discount. These apps have been shown in Apple Keynotes, featured in iTunes, and even filmed by Apple being used atop the Great Wall of China! Find out why Apple included Theodolite and other Hunter Research apps among the most amazing apps available. Where will you take them on your next adventure?

Pricing and Availability:
Theodolite (iPhone, iPod touch) and Theodolite HD (iPad, iPad mini) are available on the iTunes App Store for a 50%-off introductory sale price of $3.99 (USD). Theodolite runs on any camera-equipped iPhone or iPod touch. Theodolite HD runs on any camera-equipped iPad or iPad mini. More information, including screenshots, is available on the Hunter Research and Technology website.Theodolite 5.0
Purchase and Download (iPhone, iPod touch)
Theodolite HD 5.0
Purchase and Download (iPad, iPad mini)

Hunter Research and Technology is run by Dr. Craig Hunter, a practicing engineer with over 20 years of experience in engineering and software development. Dr. Hunter received the NASA Software of the Year Award and an Apple Design Award (Best Scientific Computing Solution on Mac OS X) for his work in software development. He founded Hunter Research and Technology in 2008 to create innovative apps that leverage the advanced hardware and software capabilities of iOS devices and Macs. The company has numerous apps available on the iTunes App Store, and develops apps for a range of clients worldwide. Copyright (C) 2015 Hunter Research and Technology. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, iTunes, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iPad mini are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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