Introducing New Beginners’ Online Series, Super Easy iPhone Apps

[] Rochester, New York – has successfully launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund its first course aimed exclusively at beginner programmers. Super Easy iPhone Apps, the new five-part series set to launch later this year, will allow students to learn programming with Swift 2 and create their own unique iPhone apps utilizing step-by-step video tutorials from instructor and iPhone expert, Paul Solt.

Designed specifically with the beginner in mind, the Super Easy iPhone Apps series is accessible, easy to follow, and divided into manageable segments that even non-programmers will be able to follow. Students who enroll in the series can expect both live and previously recorded Q&A sessions to help address their most pressing questions, quizzes to assess the absorption of new information, troubleshooting videos to overcome common obstacles, and app challenges that will allow students to apply their newfound skills while helping them push through each phase of the learning process.

“After three years of teaching online – Super Easy iPhone Apps is back to the basics and focused on the beginner. I have discovered several learning obstacles that can be easily avoided with the right resources at the right time.” Said Solt. “This new series applies learning strategies that work with my most successful students who have published their own apps or switched careers.”

While learning to create new iPhone apps, students will not only learn to leverage Xcode 7 and the newly-updated Swift 2, they will also learn to fix code-breaking changes in Swift 2 and discover how make use of the latest APIs in iOS 9. In short, students will walk away with enhanced knowledge, a sense of accomplishment, and new custom apps tailored conveniently to meet their specific needs and learning goals.

Instructor Paul Solt’s greatest desire is to provide his students with innovative and flexible ways to bring their app ideas to life. Hence, his Kickstarter has been set up to reward his backers by putting the power to create the apps they have been imagining at their fingertips instantly. Supporters of Super Easy iPhone Apps will not only receive major discounts on the Super Easy iPhone Apps series (varying by level of financial commitment), but they will also receive exclusive early access to the online tutorials.

“If you want to make an iPhone app, Apple Watch app, Apple TV app, or iPad app – this new course series is where you need to start.”

Solt is no stranger to online instruction or explaining complex material to beginners. As a former professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, he spent years teaching code to new programmers and has also led over 35,000 students to programming success and app creation through his previous online courses. As a former Apple and Microsoft employee, Solt has been armed with the tips and tricks of the trade that afford his students an insider’s view of the world of programming.Published Courses
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Paul Solt is an iPhone App Expert from Rochester, NY who runs the online boot camp that provides beginner app developers with the skills they need to make apps. has ten published iPhone app courses available through the course website that include over 400 videos (81+ hours) of easy to follow lessons. provides developer insight, easy bug fixes for common beginner mistakes, and programming fundamentals for non-programmers. Paul Solt has previously launched two successful Kickstarter projects that raised over $94,000 to teach people how to make iPhone apps from scratch. Copyright (C) 2015 Paul Solt. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Xcode, iPhone, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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