IntelliResponse Enhances Virtual Agent Mobile Offering

[] Toronto, Canada – IntelliResponse Systems, the leading provider of virtual agent software technology solutions that drive profitable online conversations, today announced the addition of IntelliVoice to the mobile capabilities of its IntelliResponse Virtual Agent web self-service solution. With IntelliVoice, the company adds advanced voice activated answers functionality to its existing mobile solution and once again extends its leadership position in the delivery of innovative Virtual Agent and online self-service solutions for the enterprise.

With its patented, one right answer approach, the IntelliResponse Virtual Agent flagship solution delivers a single, accurate, and approved answer through the customer’s service channel of choice, including mobile devices.

“We have always taken a leadership role in empowering the enterprise adoption of multi-channel self-service,” said David Lloyd, CEO of IntelliResponse. “In fact, IntelliVoice was available in our demo environment three years ago, but at the time we did not see market demand for the capability. These latest enhancements are a reflection of the critical role mobile is now playing in the rise of both online self-service and virtual agents.”

Using IntelliResponse Virtual Agents for Mobile, customers can ask questions on any mobile device in the very same manner that they would on the website. The single, accurate answer is delivered in an easy-to-read mobile-optimized screen. The experience is simple and satisfying for the customer, without excessive scrolling that is cumbersome on smaller screens.

Building on the success of its existing mobile capabilities, these latest voice recognition enhancements provide users with even more interaction methods, while reducing customer effort and increasing the accuracy of their answers.

“From a simple and intuitive interface on their mobile device, users simply ask their question in natural conversational style such as ‘how do I increase my Visa credit limit?’,” explains Paul Smith, Vice President, Products & Services at IntelliResponse. “Using industry standard voice recognition technology, the spoken question is converted to text, matched to the one right answer in the IntelliResponse knowledgebase, and the answer is delivered back to the user in a voice of their choice. The answer is also delivered to the user by text so they have a written record to review.”

Additionally, if the user wishes to escalate their question to a live agent, this can also be accomplished with a simple voice command such as “please connect me to a live agent”.

With the addition of IntelliVoice to IntelliResponse Virtual Agents for Mobile, companies and their customers gain several benefits including:

More options to interact with an organization’s self-service channels as customers are increasingly using voice as a preferred method.Reduced customer effort and time to get answers to their questions.Decrease in personal risk when users are mobile by not requiring a user to type their questions (while driving, biking, or walking).Increased accuracy of answers since users are able to ask a complete clear question, as opposed to typing partial or inaccurate questions on mobile keyboards.
IntelliResponse Virtual Agent for Mobile includes the same features available in the web deployment, and can currently be deployed as a native iPhone and Android Application.

Product Availability
IntelliVoice is in production and generally available to all IntelliResponse customers with an IntelliResponse Virtual Agent mobile deployment.Intelliresponse
Virtual Agent Software

IntelliResponse is the leading provider of virtual agent technology solutions for the enterprise. We create profitable online conversations for our private and public sector customers around the world. With our patented Enterprise Virtual Agent (EVA) solutions, corporate websites, mobile applications, social media channels and agent desktops can all be transformed by an engaging virtual concierge, empowering customers to ask questions using natural, conversational language and delivering an effective and engaging online experience. With more than 360 live customer-facing implementations answering 100 million questions annually, IntelliResponse is the gold standard in first line customer experience management.

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