Integrative Systems Successfully Completes its 299th AS400 iSeries Project

Itasca, IL – In October 2020, Integrative Systems, a boutique AS400 services company specializing in providing customized AS400 solutions and with a delivery model of becoming extensions of their clients teams by assigning AS400 architects and developers for developing their software cost effectively and reduced time to market have successfully implemented their 350th AS400 project. This is not an overnight accomplishment, but they have achieved this feat over the past 20 years of dedicated customer service by the entire Integrative Systems team.

Talking of the company’s recent attainment, Ajay Chouhan, Senior Delivery Manager at Integrative Systems said, “Completing 299 projects this month has been one of the proudest moments during my tenure with Integrative Systems. Our core strength is our highly technical AS400 team that makes delivering AS400 projects possible at the fastest speed which makes us cost competitive in the market. I could not be more elated at this time. Who knows, next year at this time we could be adding 50 more projects to our AS400 portfolio.”

To gain these momentous figures, Integrative Systems strictly adheres to the following standards of excellence:

– The AS400 developers at Integrative Systems keep themselves abreast with the latest AS400 coding standards by completing frequent certifications and testifying their skills to match the current industry standards.

– Result-oriented Project Management methodologies like Scrum & Agile are followed to track project milestones and time lines which avoids projects from getting delayed, over budget or going into scope creep modes.

To celebrate the important milestone, the company arranged an event which was unique in its spirit. Instead of having a social gathering, they planned on giving back to the community in this troubled era. They did not disclose the mode of charity, however what we only got to know was that they took to CSR as their way of sharing their winnings.

For more information on Integrative systems, visit their website.

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