InstaZebra Launches Its Global Instagram Advertising Network

[] Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation – Mobbnet today is pleased to introduce InstaZebra, its new Instagram Advertising Network that provides new opportunities for both advertisers and 100+ million Instagram users. Acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram is an online photo & video sharing service, where viewers are free to browse and follow particular people, brands, organizations, and categories. InstaZebra lets advertisers reach a targeted audience with a full screen ad that resembles a recommendation posted by the account holder. Influential Instagrammers can earn cash by including InstaZebra ads on their Instagram feed.

At launch, InstaZebra has 97 popular Instagram accounts available from which advertisers can choose, representing a combined reach of 30+ million Instagram users. The service offers extremely attractive CPMs (cost per impression), and it provides expert advice in choosing and negotiating ad buys. InstaZebra also supplies ad verification and performance tracking. And for advertisers seeking to boost their own Instagram followers, the service offers paid shouts.

Feature Highlights:
* InstaZebra is the new, online, Instagram Advertising Network
* With 100+ million users, Instagram is a frequently used photo/video sharing service
* InstaZebra currently offers access to 30+ million Instagram users
* InstaZebra ads contain square graphics with text, closely resembling Instagram posts
* Advertisers have a new, low cost opportunity to purchase display ads that appear full screen on mobile devices
* Instagrammers who have a large number of followers or key demographics can earn money posting attractive InstaZebra ads/photos
* Advertisers and Publishers each have their own online InstaZebra dashboard

Instagrammers can earn cash by posting pictures/ads on their feeds. Registration as an ad publisher is free, and it requires listing the subjects relevant to the account and price per post. Other information like number of followers, engagement rate and CPM is appended to a certain account automatically. Currently, InstaZebra’s 97 publishers receive offers daily. These publishers are comprised of popular brands, individuals, and app developers. InstaZebra guarantees the trustworthiness of all advertisers and the quality of all ads.

“One of our first advertisers was the iOS/Android app InstaRepost,” stated Kristina Nikulenkova of Mobbnet. “The ad ran for one week on feeds with a combined reach of 16 million Instagrammers. The free app scored 14,500 new downloads at a total advertiser cost of $4,205, which is just $0.29 per install. To date, we are seeing rates averaging $0.05 per thousand impressions.”InstaZebra
InstaRepost – Case Study

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###Kristina Nikulenkova
Advertising Manager
Russian Federation
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