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[] Bangalore, India – PixelForce today is pleased to announce InstaSplash free for iOS, their Photo & Video app that allows users to create dramatically enhanced photos by selectively removing or altering the color of people and objects in the photo and share to Instagram. InstaSplash makes it easy to turn a color photo completely black & white, and then selectively replace the original colors or paint in new ones. The app works with most photos from the camera, Facebook, or the iOS Photo Library. InstaSplash features: unlimited undos, revert to original, zoom in & out, move photo left/right & up/down, compatibility with most photo resolutions, powerful save & export & import, continuously variable color selection for 16 million possible shades, and post card delivery with built-in Sincerely Ship capability, which creates and ships a 4 x 6 personalized postcard anywhere in the world.

In the age of iOS photography, where billions of snapshots are in circulation around the globe, it is not easy to make a portrait photo stand out. A technique long used by professionals, selective desaturation, produces dramatic results by accenting a black & white photo with splashes of color. Until recently, a photographer needed a costly Photoshop-like piece of software to expertly execute this graphic sleight of hand. Now, InstaSplash produces professional results effortlessly in a free app for iOS.

To start, users can use photos from any of the following sources: Facebook Profile photo, Facebook Album photos, iOS Photo Library or Album, built-in camera, or Clipboard. Once opened in the app, the user can completely desaturate (remove the color from) the photo with one button. Next, the creative photographer uses the normal two-finger gesture to zoom in to the photo, making it easier to add color to a small area. Two-finger manipulation of the photo is easy, even on an iPhone-sized screen. User can choose from two kinds of color accents: natural or artificial. Natural accents reveal the actual, original color “beneath” the B&W photo. Artificial accents allow the user to paint a translucent color over any part of the B&W photo, turning an orange blue if desired. Because it is a semi-transparent layer of color, the details of the object, including highlights and shadow, show through, which adds realism. Photo retouchers can dial in any one of more than 16 million colors, and can paint using a fingertip or variable sized paintbrush. Another choice is to colorize the entire photo, for example, add a sepia tint uniformly to the entire picture. Finally, the user can add the Captions to the image with millions of possible customizations and share the image to Instagram with just a button click.

Feature Highlights:
* Selective desaturation – remove color from selected areas
* Colorize – pick the color you like and paint your photos
* Captions – Add the captions to your image
* Get the images from your Facebook Album, Facebook Profile Photo, Photo Album, and Camera
* Upload your work to Instagram, Facebook Albums, Facebook Wall, Phone Album, Email and Clipboard
* Supports Undo with unlimited (until memory is full in your device) number of levels
* Save as many projects as you want
* Multiple resolutions to choose while Uploading your images
* Copy the image to the clipboard and use it wherever you like
* Zoom In, Zoom Out and Pan using your two fingers
* Use the Brush size that works for you
* See the Brush tip while working on the image, so that it will be easy for you while working on the image
* And it is free

With their new photo finished, InstaSplash artists can save the photograph to the iOS Photo Library or the Clipboard. Integrated export and upload options include: Instagram, email, Facebook Albums, Twitpic, and the newly incorporated post card feature.

“It has been very gratifying to see InstaSplash become a Top 10 Photography app in more than 30 App Stores worldwide,” commented Sanjeeva Reddy Co-Founder of PixelForce. “Our plan is to continually improve it and keep it free, so that more and more people can enjoy it.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later
* 15.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
InstaSplash 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.PixelForce
InstaSplash 1.0
Download from iTunes
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Based in Bangalore, India, PixelFource is a smartphone apps development company founded by Vijay Doddavala and Sanjeeva Reddy. It is publisher of popular photography apps like Color Splurge, Photo Splash, and PicCells. It also owns To date, their free apps have scored more than eight million downloads. Copyright (C) 2012 PixelForce. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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