Inqbarna releases Splyce – iPhone music player with magical DJ powers

[] Barcelona, Spain – The launch of Splyce in the App Store has generated immediate buzz among music fans around the world. Over 100K users downloaded Splyce in the first week after its release, confirming that this new music player with DJ powers was exactly what music fans were asking for. The development team at Inqbarna has received a lot of feedback, including many requests for new features. The team at Inqbarna is planning to release new features in the next few weeks, and to continue adding new and exciting functionalities in the coming months.

Above all, Splyce is a music player. Users can benefit from a reliable and beautiful player that enhances their music experience on a daily basis. Design is a main part of the app, anticipating iOS 7 look&feel with different colors the user can choose depending on the moment.

One of Splyce’s most popular features is its auto-mixer. Splyce calculates the BPM’s (Beats Per Minute) of the selected tracks and helps the users organize their playlist based on those BPM’s (users can see the BPMs on screen and the app shows a different color tone in case a song has a very different rhythm). Then, its powerful music engine mixes the songs in the playlist, synchronizing their tempos and giving the user some settings to play with: mix duration, mix mode, song length and order of the tracks . All these features allow users to easily prepare the music to throw the best parties.

On the visual side, support for Philips Hue led bulb lights has made the app very popular. Splyce synchronizes Philips’ Hue lights with the tempo of the music and the bulbs light following the rhythm of the track, with different tones depending if it is a fast or slow song. Partying at home has never been so easy for users and that seems to be the best argument to explain the success of the app in its first days of life. But if the user cannot access Philips Hue they will always have available their screen that can change its illumination according to the music; the flash torch can illuminate a small party.

Splyce is the result of feedback collected for the past three years from users of deej, a DJ mixer app developed by Inqbarna. “Users who were not keen on DJing asked for an app that could mix automatically and where they could set simple features to make a playlist with their favorite tracks” says Nacho Sanchez, Inqbarna’s CEO.

Inqbarna has been developing several tools for music lovers or as Mr Sanchez says: “an ecosystem of Social Music Apps”. Apart from deej, they have developed TunerTool, a guitar tuner integrated with Riffer, a music social network that allows users to upload 15 seconds of their favorite creations (they can upgrade to 1 minute), share them, like them, comment on others, etc. “After all this work, we begin to understand what users want when it comes to music. We have been working on Splyce for a long time, we were very thoughtful and careful to give music lovers exactly what they told us. And we have tried to do it in a smart way, with a beautiful minimalist design”.

Talking about the business model, CEO points out that “freemium was the best way to attract a big number of users. We want them to use the app and give us feedback to improve Splyce according to their needs”. They will develop more features included as in-app purchases to monetize the app.

This new iPhone app can be used by all kinds of people in many different situations. For a regular user, it will open a new approach to his or her favorite music, but Splyce can also be used in restaurants, pubs, gyms, by runners…

Splyce will change your music experience:
* As your everyday music player: enjoy your favorite music in a better way
* Partying: take your parties to the next level with Splyce!
* Sports training: follow the rhythm of the music while training hard
* Liven up your business: from a cloth shop to a restaurant or a gym, anyone can enjoy Splyce!

Music library:
* Select songs and order them
* Load playlists and add or delete songs to improve your sessions
* Drag songs to order them manually or let Splyce’s music engine do the hard work for you
* Easy swipe controls to personalize your playlist: swipe left to delete or right to auto-order one track

* Select the song duration: from 60 seconds to the full length of the track
* Mixing time: from 10 seconds to 60 seconds in 10 seconds intervals
* Waveform to let the user visualize easily the rhythm of the track
* Mixing mode: 3 different mixing modes: free, first song sets the beat for the entire playlist or every songs adapts to the next one, users decide and change whenever they want

* Enable the lighting and the screen brightness will follow the music’s rhythm
* Flash torch can enhance the visual experience
* Connect Philips Hue led lights and let the music set the color, tone and beat of the lights. Easy and powerful audiovisual experience.

New releases: developers are already working hard to give users new mixing features and some tools to improve their playlists. The road-map includes improvements to every component of the app, including new audio and lighting effects. The development team encourages users to request new features: the most voted features will be the first to be be included in upcoming releases!

Feature Highlights:
* Great music Player
* Automatic mixing
* Automatic BPM calculation of tracks
* Playlist creation
* Swipe right to auto order a song on your playlist
* Swipe left to delete a song on your playlist
* Hold to order manually
* Automatic order by BPM
* Profiles based on BPM
* 3 mixing modes
* 3 transition modes between songs
* Default track duration
* Set mixing duration
* Background color theme
* Beat synchronized light effects
* Flash torch
* Philips(R) Hue lights support
* Tutorial
* Airplay integration

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* This app is optimized for iPhone 5
* 9.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Splyce 1.0.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.Splyce 1.0.1
Download from iTunes
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InQBarna is a start-up founded in 2008 specialized in Mobile Multimedia Innovation with headquarters in the 22@ district in Barcelona and partners in Los Angeles and Tokyo. InQBarna has a large experience in bringing ideas to market products based on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 platforms. InQBarna works with clients in USA, Japan, France, and Spain, turning their business models into turn-key apps. InQBarna offers its services from the strategic consultancy phase, design, and development to the publication of the app. InQBarna list of clients include FC Barcelona, Labtrip, 22@ (Ajuntament de Barcelona), Grupo Godo, Eagle, SUDE, theChanner, Moxair, Inferret, On2 Technologies and Collectrium, among others. Copyright (C) 2013 InQBarna. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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