Innovative ShutOff App is the Family Digital Solution You’ve Waited For

[] Guatemala City, Guatemala – AllPlusGT is proud to announce the release of a complete parental control app ShutOff! It’s the first app to finally give parents what they really want: Control over the intrusions of the digital world that interrupt family time, outdoor play, and the quieter pursuits of study or sleeping. It puts an end to those upsetting times when families are together, but no one is really paying attention.

There are many apps available to help parents filter content for their children, or that offer them peace of mind about what kids are seeing or who they’re talking to on social media platforms. But ShutOff takes it one step further: Parents can actually take control of the device, not just the content that’s on it.

“What we found with so many parents we talked with, is that the digital age affords their kids so many benefits. It’s a future they’ve only dreamed about, but it comes with a price tag,” said Julio Montes Imeri, the CEO at AllPlusGT. “Families these days are just as concerned about the digital intrusion itself, as they are with specific products. Parents want shared meals back, long neighborhood walks, sports league or game nights to be an authentic experience that’s not punctuated by blips, or the tension that comes with it.”

ShutOff works based on a simple, fast installation on two devices: a parent’s IPhone or Android Phone, and any Android device used by the child or other party. When it’s installed, parents can disable the dependent device or selected features with a simple touch from their own mobile device – and restore a little unplugged sanity in their lives.

ShutOff is designed to help parents navigate one of the greatest ironies that the digital dynamic has created. “We have immediate access to endless information,” explained Julio Montes Imeri, “but our communication is impaired by excessive connectivity, and we’ve become isolated islands in our own family surroundings.” That’s why ShutOff is such a game-changer for families!

* Easy to install, easy to use tool for parents to manage digital activity
* Exceptional and elegant design features quality graphics and options
* App helps restore a healthy balance to communication, relationships

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and Android devices
* Requires iOS 8.1 or later for iOS devices, Android 4.0 and up for ShutOff – Control app, Android 3.0 and up for ShutOff – Dependant app
* Size – 8.4 MB for ShutOff – Control iOS app, 4.0 MB for ShutOff – Control Android app and 2.6MB for ShutOff – Dependant Android app

Pricing and Availability
ShutOff app is available at a cost of Free and available through the App Store in the Utilities category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.ShutOff
Download from iTunes
Download from Google Play
Download ShutOff Dependent from Google Play
YouTube Video (Demo)

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